Resilience (and so much more)

Welp, it’s that time of year. Presents have been opened, the holiday parties have ended, crazy family members are working their way home and we’ve all got a few more days to think about the past year and contemplate what we’d like to do different, better, more/less of in 2020. I KNOW all of you have “Make it to more NPSD workouts” on your 2020 resolutions list. But why is that? What is it that keeps so many of us coming back each week/month/year? Even when work or life keep us away for longer than we’d like, that first Wednesday morning you come back after an extended break reminds us why showing up at 6:29 each week is not only about the sprints and burpees you’ll evidently have to throw down. read more

NPHK Guest Blog By Philip Lo, NPHK Legend

People of my age realized that when we were young, by and large we earned our living at the expense of our health/ fitness: work, business travel and family pressure did not give one much free time.  When we were old enough to retire, we tried to buy a little health/ fitness. Furthermore, the fitness industry was quite sketchy 30/40 years ago with its service providers lacking in quantity and quality.  Therefore I signed up with a personal trainer in a local gym and began training in 2014, when I was 62.  That was probably one of the best investment in my life.  I thought that I was at my fittest in 30+ years – not that I was very fit now (and far from it), but that I was so unfit in my younger days. read more

A Guest Blog – Farewell…For now.

A Guest Blog by Phylicia Cannon:

Phylicia the PH-IERCE

My time at November Project has been like no other. All the way back to July 19th 2017 was my first workout at November Project Brooklyn. It was PR Day. I remember not talking to anyone but 1 person. I remember my first bounce… I vividly remember being totally mortified by these crazy people who are surprisingly social at 6:28. I went through the whole workout without saying more than 10 words to each person who attempted speaking to me. But yet when I left that day, I knew I wanted to go back. read more

Chicago Pride Week (CHI)



This is a big week for LGBT support in Chicago and we plan to rock it out November Project style!

Both Wednesday 6/22 and 6/24 will feature special Pride tagging colors. Tagging starts at 6:10 am on Wednesday and at 5:45 am on Friday

Please arrive EARLY! (Looking at you Greenberg)

Also on Wednesday 6/22 will be our annual yearbook photos!!! Our theme this year is going to be “At the Beach” so interpret that as many ways as you wish. Same thing applies. Please show up early!


Yearbook Pictures
Yearbook Pictures