A Guest Blog – Farewell…For now.

A Guest Blog by Phylicia Cannon:

Phylicia the PH-IERCE

My time at November Project has been like no other. All the way back to July 19th 2017 was my first workout at November Project Brooklyn. It was PR Day. I remember not talking to anyone but 1 person. I remember my first bounce… I vividly remember being totally mortified by these crazy people who are surprisingly social at 6:28. I went through the whole workout without saying more than 10 words to each person who attempted speaking to me. But yet when I left that day, I knew I wanted to go back.

Proof is in the group photo.

And so I did. And I spoke to more people. And I went back the next week too. All the way until September 6th, what would be my last workout before I went back to school. I would be back… I was sure of that, when however was what I didn’t know. But I was quickly back around October or so for the one and only school themed workout. (Worked perfectly so I could put on my uniform before I left)

Not all heroes wear capes.

My mom made it very sure that if I happened to fall asleep in any class that day, I would not be back until September. I said challenge accepted. And I passed, sort of. I made it through the whole day, yay, I would be back next week right? Haha nope, that basically lasted until I fell asleep while doing homework. So I went through the whole year only going back on days off and weekend events. I hated it. One of my days off in May I remember a very distinct conversation:
Sierra: “Phylicia! You’re here! When does school finish?”
Me: “June 26th, it’s a Tuesday. You know I’ll be right back here Wednesday!”
Sierra: “Yes girl! Crushin’ it! I’ll take that as a verbal”


And you know I was there. And every single Wednesday after that. With the exception of that one time that I was supposed to have a flight out to Atlanta Tuesday night, (being there for the Wednesday workout obviously) but the flight was cancelled twice leaving me and mom to fly out Wednesday morning. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!) This was painful. Knowing I would not only miss Brooklyn because I would be at the airport, but yet also be in Boston at the same time as the workout but not being able to leave the airport from our hour layover AND THEN missing Atlanta all together. Did I mention that was also my NP-iversary. But I did make it to the Friday workout and was warmly welcomed by some of the nicest NP-ers out there. But made it back for every workout after that. Up until today. My very last workout before high school. With having to travel an hour+ to get to school everyday, I know there is absolutely no way I can make it to November Project and to school. So the obvious decision was November Project, duh. November Project all the way.

Come on, Brenda. You probably took this photo, why deny the hugs – WHY?!

Yeah that was until my mom told me I was being absolutely ridiculous which I get is a little reasonable but I still like my way better. So this summer was interesting. All my friends sleeping in, and me waking up even earlier then I would for school. Especially during Hell Week. #WakeUpTheSun. I’ve planned out every Wednesday I will have off during this year because I will going back to these crazily energetic and inspiring people for every single one of them. These people have changed me, and I like to think I’ve changed them too. These people are family, we’re definitely not a normal one, but what’s the fun in that anyways? So I wouldn’t exactly call this goodbye, it will never be goodbye. Just maybe a Farewell… for now.

Brenda AKA Mom, pictured far right watching over all of us as we take on the stairs.

We’re proud of you, Phylicia.

We’re grateful for your mom, Brenda.

We can’t wait to see you both on the random Wednesdays that work throughout the year.

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