Hotlanta Summer

As I sit down to write about how PR Day went, I can’t help but think where did the month go? How’s it already the last Wednesday of August? Seems like only a few weeks ago we were gearing up for summer fun.

“Mom” was out of town so I was watching the kids solo this morning. As I called them in at 6:27AM to huddle up I could feel the humidity turning up. We brought the one newbie who showed up to the center of the group. (Shout out to Larnell Mays for having the courage to come solo). I gave him a quick intro about our weird little happy fitness cult that is taking over the world.

As my body began to sweat, I explained to our solo new guy the term weatherproof. NP is not just about being a badass by working out in the rain, shine, snow, or heat. It’s about being there for one another in all the seasons of life. Did you just get a new job, get married, or have a baby? Great come celebrate with us! Did you just get fired or can’t figure out what to do in life? Why not come sweat out some tension and maybe make a new friend who could hook you up. Did you just get out of a relationship or lose someone close to you? All good we will be here waiting with arms wide open to hug it out. Did you fall off your bike and break your collar bone? Sigh, I guess you can come too 😉 

After my ramble, I then led the bounce by shouting “what’s cooler than being cool?!” Mentally I was trying to trick everyone it was not as humid as it seemed. We then proceeded to the Old Fourth Ward Park and broke all sorts of records by the amount of sweat dripping from everyone. The vibe was strong and everyone pushed each other to go a little farther and harder than normal.

Stein Esser finally achieved his goal to be the leader of PR Day with the most rounds completed. Kyle Walker was totally surprised to receive the Positivity Award. He shared kind words of how he came to this city not having many friends and how NP has become his extended family. I am so proud of these guys because I have seen them grow and become a consistent good influence to others. 

So where did the summer go? Seems like every time things are about to slow down someone has an idea for an event, a race, a party, etc… What I love is our “let’s do it mentality,” even though at the time we don’t have any of the resources we need. I believe the Big Man upstairs (no not BG or Bojan) just smiles and says “I’ll turn something out of nothing for this gang of weirdly positive people.”

In the short year as a tribe, we have already seen people go through different seasons of life. From graduating, to getting engaged, having babies, and getting new jobs, we are weather proof for whatever life throws at you. In the words of the wise Dan Graham, “Now go out and hug a F#!%@ING STRANGER!”

Love, C-Lo AKA “Mad Skillz Yo” 

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