Allston Christmas – Boston 8.31.18


Go find a group of people. Make sure someone has a phone and an Instagram account. Check out @novemberprojectboston’s morning post to see the list of items in the scavenger hunt.

Go run around the streets of Allston and find the stuff on the list. Take a photo with the group in it and get a little fun, creative, adventurous. Just don’t get lice or bed bugs.

Post all photos on IG stories and tag @novemberprojectbos…because we all need to see that stuff.

Get back to the top of summit by 7:15 and you can jump in the pool for our annual pool party.

This shit doesn’t get old, because you can’t make up what happened this morning. It was a little unexpected, a lot weird, a healthy dose of fun, and one of those things you hardly believe you did later in the day. But we will talk about how NP Boston made a fitness opportunity out of the legendary #AllstonChristmas on a “regular” Friday morning.

Sure is different than everything else in the city this morning, right? Keep showing up, we’ll keep keeping it fresh.


Is Labor Day–the holiday, so don’t make excuses about work and not showing up.

Meet at Pleasure Bay Beach near Castle Island for the #BeachBaby workout.

DRESS AS A BABY. For Labor Day.


Read this blog!!! AND save the date Sept 26, when you need to show up to NP (wed) with a plus 1. Recruit all month–all we ask is bring a single new person that last wed of sept. Got it? Good. Get after it.

SAVE THE DATE: Sept 7, 6:30pm

For the next NP social…location coming soon. This is a Recruiting Paper Social. We’ll give you everything you need to be successful at the #NPplus1 challenge. #JustShowUp for some good, social times. No fitness required.

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