It’s not personal (ORL)

Setting a personal record means achieving an individual best performance in a given sporting event. Maybe it’s running your fastest 10k, or busting out 60 burpees during a Sebastian burnout. But, how do most of us continue to set new PR’s? It’s with the support and encouragement of our family, friends, race cheer stations, and high fives from someone you just met, bounced with, and gave a sweaty hug to. Showing up on PR day in Orlando is more than how many burpees and laps you can do. Though, if you’re like Joie or Alain, you show up and totally annihilate those June PRs.

PR Day is about showing up before the sun, in 1000% humidity, because you are excited to high five that person you made a connection with last Wednesday, or maybe you had a rough beginning to your week, but you know that every single person that will be there is not only there for their personal best, but also to push you to do the same.

So, whether you achieved a PR amount of burpees/laps or not, I hope that when you ran through that tunnel you felt accomplished. Because there’s so much more than individual effort that goes into a ‘personal record’.


  • August hardCORE hw. 5 minute plank challenge through Friday. Submit your videos to the social page!
  • NP Summit in Milwaukee is right around the corner. All Saturday races for Wisconsin are sold out. Get creative with combining teams or get with the cheering scene. Right now the 5K is the NP focus and is filling up, but the 13.1M, 10K, 5K, and kids race are all options! Use this link for all activities throughout the weekend.
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