The Gristle (YEG)

To say that this morning was inspiring would be an understatement. The idea of The Gristle has been floating around in our minds for some time now. We weren’t sure if it was even possible. So when we had a leader meeting on Sunday on Saskatchewan Drive, we figured the best way to find out, was to throw the challenge out there. 

And not to downplay the achievement of finishing the Old 96er, because that is badass. Running the entire stadium was already one of the most challenging workouts in the entire November Project universe. However, there has been a select few who seem to finish it consistently and we felt they needed something new to challenge themselves. I have so much respect for all 11 people who threw down and attempted it this morning. I’m always impressed when people are pushing themselves to the absolute limits. We still don’t know if it’s possible, and as much as I hate seeing no one finish it, I’m more excited that no one finished it. Yes, it sucks, but the attempt is something to celebrate. I know I speak for Jen and Andrew as well about this because it just means The Gristle is a big enough challenge. Judging by how close a few of them came, The Gristle might just be possible. We’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out. 

Now. The Old96er, as previously mentioned is badass. This is a challenge that you need to train for. You need to have a strategy and you need to be smart about your approach. It will usually take multiple attempts. But it is possible. And you can, with some focused training, accomplish it. If you completed it today, congratulations. It was impressive. Capture that joy and remember it. Keep chasing that feeling.

For those who didn’t finish The Old96er or The Gristle, I hope you take that feeling you have and let it burn. Hold onto it and let if fuel you so you never feel it again.

Friday – Back to School Celebration! Time for a send-off!

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