It’s not personal (ORL)

Setting a personal record means achieving an individual best performance in a given sporting event. Maybe it’s running your fastest 10k, or busting out 60 burpees during a Sebastian burnout. But, how do most of us continue to set new PR’s? It’s with the support and encouragement of our family, friends, race cheer stations, and high fives from someone you just met, bounced with, and gave a sweaty hug to. Showing up on PR day in Orlando is more than how many burpees and laps you can do. Though, if you’re like Joie or Alain, you show up and totally annihilate those June PRs. read more

Counting to TEN and JULY PR’s – 7.18.18

Welcome back to your Weekly Wednesday Workout recap – see below:

  • 5:30AM CREW: We had 5 humans #WakeUpTheSun by the names of Jess, Reva, Jeremy, Dan, and Remi. These lucky five got to join me (you’re welcome) with testing out a NEW PR WORKOUT which will debut in AUGUST. You can ask them and they have been sworn to secrecy… besides what we shared on the inter webs through our Strava’s…
  • NEWBIES: THREE (two for Sarah, one for Tara) by the names of Dante, Matthew, and James.
  • BOUNCE: We warmed up our legs and our vocal chords with counting squats from 1 – 10 (proud of everyone)
  • #PRDAY WORKOUT: Our 3.2(ISH)K / 8 lap, loop-de-loop course has been holding it down since our pledge days. Our newbie Dante broke it in with a close to record time of 20:35 and our fastest lady of the day, Diane, finished with a 23:40 for the morning. Crushin’ it.

Announcements were as follows:

Birthdays (BEST DAYS): We celebrated Grace with 4 RESOUNDING ‘Birthday Booms’ and she in turn invited us to her born-day bar meet-up. NBD. Upcoming Races:
  • This weekend (SAT 7/21): the NYRR training series kicks off for the TCS NYC Marathon with the Central Park 12-Miler 
  • Next weekend (SAT 7/28): TEAM CHAMPS 5-MilerIF YOU’RE NOT RACING, YOU’RE CHEERING. All details will be revealed in due course…
  • All race information can be found here:
Social: LINK FOR GROUP ON FACEBOOK HERE: AUGUST ROLLER SKATING SOCIAL: Abby to post the official event by the end of the week, STAY TUNED. Global Climbing Day: This year, The North Face is activating a fundraising effort by offering free climbing at specific gyms around the world, with each person who shows up to a gym counting towards the final donation. Up for it? The day is a Saturday (8/18/18) and we may need to make the trek to The Cliffs out in LIC – more information to come on our local side of things. For now, read up on the initiative here: read more

Six Sick Sects

Did you know that the ancient Babylonians based their mathematical system on the number 60, as opposed to the decimal system we use today? And that bees build their honeycombs using hexagons (aka six-sided figures)? Or that carbon, the basis for life as we know it, has an atomic number of 6?

If we so desired, we could use a heximal system, based on the number six. Further, making this system modular (or circular, like time shown on a clock) would effectively create a world where sixes become tens and tens become meaningless. In this case, 4+2=0, just like 12=0 on a clock. This is a fitting representation of the madness that is running in circles. read more

Shhh! And Other Precocious Remarks

I write to you today from deep within the bowels of the Chandler Public Library. To my left, at a distance of twenty paces, is a man that looks quite remarkably like Angelo from NPSD, albeit with more facial hair and less murder eyes. To my right is another whose polo shirt blends impeccably with the crimson wall behind him, a color perfectly suited to conceal any drops of salsa that dare escape the clutches of his Filiburto burrito. The wall features several rooms, the closest of which houses a blonde woman in an eggplant-colored blouse interrogating boy of about six. Her steely expression and his slumped shoulders suggest that he is failing. She closes the beige-framed door, perhaps due to the fact that I’ve been glancing up at them every few minutes. read more

Aftermath of our first PR day

So this week, the Malaysian tribe had our first PR day and boy, was it a success! We hit our elusive 60 and welcomed the most newbies in one single workout. Great job to the tribe for hyping up PR day and brought their friends to experience the joy of November Project.

Because of the nature of our workout location (it is a hill with slopes down each end), we had to come up with a simple way to measure PR and make sure it is still a killer workout. Hence, the co-leaders decided to make it a suicide runs and count PR by the furthest lamp post the tribe can reach before the clock hits 35 minutes. read more

November Project Races The Cotton Bowl

Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Jessica Tobias
Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

Today was the culmination of months of preparation, community organizing, and tribe dedication as NOVEMBER PROJECT DALLAS. Trending today #NP_Dal hastag for the socials. People attended a workout at Cotton Bowl at 6 am this morning. The energy and atmosphere was amazing! All of these souls came together as a community to share positive energy and get a sweat on. Being the last Wednesday of the month and our first official day in the Cotton Bowl, it was our inaugural stadium PR day (full tour starting at section 36 and going all the way around the stadium back to section 1). The course around the Cotton Bowl is quite varied with some section climbing much higher than others, as well as some sections with bleachers that have backs–moving people to stairs. The stadium is challenging mentally, physically and technically. read more