Hey girl, hey.

Jennifer Ouellette NPSD

Last week, our PA recipient was Jenn Ouellette - a long time NPSDer, and someone we all know and love. Today's blog post was written on International Women's Day a few days ago, and you won't be reading about her story... Anyway, we'll let you see for yourself. Read on, and listen.

NPSD February Five Peaks Challenge!!

The New Year is well on it’s way and it’s time to start signing up for those 2020 races you’ve had your eye on.   February is also trail month at NPSD and we want to take it to the next level this year!  Introducing…. NPSD FEBRUARY FIVE PEAKS CHALLENGE!

Resilience (and so much more)

Welp, it’s that time of year. Presents have been opened, the holiday parties have ended, crazy family members are working their way home and we’ve all got a few more days to think about the past year and contemplate what we’d like to do different, better, more/less of in 2020. I KNOW all of you have “Make it to more NPSD workouts” on your 2020 resolutions list. But why is that? What is it that keeps so many of us coming back each week/month/year? Even when work or life keep us away for longer than we’d like, that first Wednesday morning you come back after an extended break reminds us why showing up at 6:29 each week is not only about the sprints and burpees you’ll evidently have to throw down. read more


This Morning Was Amazing. We worked hard, did all of the stairs and almost too many burpees to think straight…. so for those of you who didn’t write down all of today’s announcements (and for those of you who hit snooze one too many times) we want to make sure you don’t miss ANYTHING NPSD this week… read more

Taking a Deeper Look (SD)

Today we take a moment to learn just a bit more about two people who chose to be members of our NPSD community. We all know life isn’t sunshine and rainbows everyday (even in San Diego) and these two both understand how life isn’t about being the best. It’s about how we persevere and just keep moving. read more

NPSD: Your mission, if you choose to accept it.

November Project San Diego

At November Project San Diego, we're trying to stay true to the work hard, play hard mentality of our workouts. And even when we decide that a particular Monday or Wednesday will be fun-in-games, those days can be the most memorable (and challenging) when you all decide to bring it.

From Free Fitness, To Friends, To Family.

November Project San Diego

6.5 years. 2 home tribes. 10 traverbals. 1 positivity award. That’s the footnotes version of my November Project story. The long version is full of too many memories to even keep my own mother interested. So when I was asked to write a guest blog post I knew I'd have to find a way to keep at least some of you around until the end.

How do you measure impact?

November Project San Diego

Today, we hosted a final workout for two titans of NPSD, the city of San Diego, and November Project as a whole. Lauren and Angelo bid farewell to a city and a tribe that they had called home for many years to leave us for a colder, wetter, land-locked city north of the 56.

Weight Vest – Free with Membership

November Project San Diego

Let's not forget our roots. Come to work. Come to get fitter. Come to push yourself harder than you would by yourself or at any other workout. We tell you to "be happy" and "be bright." But don't forget that sandwiched right in the middle of it all is the call to "be strong."

Rainbow Chasers

November Project San Diego

A message from our guest co-leaders to you, our tribe:

Top of the morning to you lads and lasses….lasses? Whatevs

This morning’s workout theme — chasing the rainbow — was inspired by our vibrant NPSD community. While we come from different places, have different personalities, and bring different perspectives, together we create an incredibly beautiful rainbow of a tribe! Reflecting on this metaphor, think about what you individually contribute to our NPSD rainbow — what’s your Crayola color? Are you more of a neon carrot or a tickle me pink? Do you vibe more with violet or does mac and cheese make your heart sing (Yes, that’s a Crayola color). What values or qualities make you unique? What experiences do you bring?  We bet if you asked your partner today one of these questions they’d think of something you hadn’t even thought of yet!
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