Rainbow Chasers

A message from our guest co-leaders to you, our tribe:

Top of the morning to you lads and lasses….lasses? Whatevs

This morning’s workout theme — chasing the rainbow — was inspired by our vibrant NPSD community. While we come from different places, have different personalities, and bring different perspectives, together we create an incredibly beautiful rainbow of a tribe! Reflecting on this metaphor, think about what you individually contribute to our NPSD rainbow — what’s your Crayola color? Are you more of a neon carrot or a tickle me pink? Do you vibe more with violet or does mac and cheese make your heart sing (Yes, that’s a Crayola color). What values or qualities make you unique? What experiences do you bring?  We bet if you asked your partner today one of these questions they’d think of something you hadn’t even thought of yet!

As guest leaders our goal was for each tribe member to carry the rainbow with them throughout their day. Speaking literally, if you were able to complete each color’s exercise, you had a wrist full of colorful hair elastics. But, even more so, the rainbow you take with you is the shared joy of completing the NPSD workout and the thrill of being a part of something greater. We challenge you to spread that rainbow-fied (new word?) feeling!

Guest Leader Kat Gunsur-Smith’s take on our NPSD Rainbow –

It took me SO LONG to finally make it to my first November Project workout. There are so many reasons or excuses that kept me from getting there. Being overwhelmed, scared, overly consumed with training, shy, quiet, tired – were just a few.

I also remember that I had this kind of unjustified eye roll towards all the NP photos I would see on Facebook like….


And you know what I realized at our last mini summit in San Fran?

I’m f!#$#! weird too and it’s awesome!

Dancing, singing, jumping, laughing and chanting through the city with my friends made me realize I’M ALIVE and I can be myself. The girl who used to be afraid to look people in the eye or share what she was thinking was fading away. Each person I have met from NP has helped make that possible; each person in our tribe has brought something special to my life that I didn’t realize I was missing. Leaving the SD Half Marathon #movingcheerstation #mustLOVEhills on Sunday I felt so emotional and full of joy because you all make me feel complete. I also was so inspired by our willingness to help others and bring a smile to their race even if it’s just for a few seconds, we made a difference! Being a part of this NPSD tribe for the past 3.5 years has made me feel more connected, happier, not as shy and not afraid to let go and be weird. I’ve gone from being an uptight, taking myself too seriously rain cloud to a part of our colorful rainbow.



And so tribe what is The Gold? The gold at the end of the rainbow is US, November Project, where each individual bright tribe member blends into a perfect pot of gold!! You show up to each workout, not really knowing what you signed up for, but you leave GLOWING, like you hit the jackpot, crushed a BINGO game, or are sweaty from 100 Guinness Beer Burpees.  Just by being a part of the group and showing up every monday and wednesday morning, you fill that bucket at the end of the rainbow with precious shiny gold.

Kat, Anna and Cayla also want to give a HUGE thanks to Shira and Eugene for giving us the opportunity to co-leprechaun lead together AND for crushing the planning side of NPSD every Monday/Wednesday! We are so grateful for everything you do to make our rainbow so HAPPY, STRONG, and BRIGHT! 🙂

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