What time is it in the world? [MTL]

You must all know that popular expression used to justify drinking at any time of day, given that somewhere in the world it’s 5:00 p.m.which is typically the start to “Happy Hour” at most bars and restaurants. Well for me, 5:00 p.m. is actually 6:29 a.m. It’s gotta be 6:29am somewhere in the world right now, no? That is what November Project is for me. “My name is Derek and I’m an NPaholic.” The first step is always admitting it. That anticipation is like the night before Christmas. I wish tomorrow would be Wednesday forever…

When we first started pledging in Montréal under the name of Project Sweat Montréal, I knew something great was about to happen to this marvellous French Canadian city of ours. Something unique. I did attend some November Project workouts before starting to pledge but I wanted to make sure we could allow the city of Montréal Québec to get its chance to drink the NP Kool-Aid. I was lucky to have started this with a co-founder that wanted it as much as me in Milana – THANK YOU. It all started on November 23, 2016 and the journey has been out of this world ever since – and will continue on.

I have learned quite a few things throughout my stay as a co-lead on November Project Montréal. One thing for sure is that it is definitely all about the people. November Project is not at all about the two or three co-leads that lead it in each city and will never be. Co-leads will step up one day and step down the next but November Project is all about the connections and the ripple effect a simple free fitness workout could bring to a community. The simple fact that you showed up this morning will probably motivate the tribe member that you worked out with up the stairs of the St-Joseph Oratory to influence someone else’s life positively later on today. All you did was place a domino and the rest is history. It is that simple.

November Project also made me learn a lot about myself. Each and every one of you have contributed and taught me something in the >+100 workouts in the past two years about culture, a country, an academic program, the origin of a word and who I really am and who I should surround myself with to be that better person I long to be. To each and every person that has shown up to a workout in Old Montréal or at the Stadium or now that we are marching through March, I THANK YOU all for making me this person. It’s my hope that I was able to contribute a fraction of what you brought to me throughout these past two years.

The November Project movement is here to stay. I am totally convinced by this. And the only way it will remain here is if you continue to make November Project yours. Own it. Challenge it and its leaders. If you don’t like something, say it. Make it evolve. Make it better. Whether you show up for the fitness part, the friends, the post-workout coffee, the community, whatever the reason, just don’t stop showing up…ever.

I would like to take this moment to thank a few special people in my life that made this all possible. To MH, Chloë and Julien… I THANK YOU for convincing me the minute we got off the plane from our trip to Iceland that starting November Project in Montréal was a good idea. Without your blessing, I wouldn’t have had even tried to do this and meet so many incredible people. So you now get back that space I’ve been occupying in the basement with all the November Project props and spray cans (balls, dice, paint, etc.) and no, Chuck Chicken is not a member of the family. He doesn’t stay.

Enough with all this sappy stuff… Isn’t it 6:29am somewhere in the world right now? Let’s get a little bounce!!!!

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