#NP_Continues [MTL]

In times like these, the power of community really does shine through. And is definitely more important than ever!

This morning, we held our first virtual workout and gosh, did it boost my morale. Sure, it started pretty awkwardly with that squat “bounce”, but I think it’s safe to say we got a pretty good sweat in. And a great post-workout coffee catch-up. It was SO nice to see you all through videochat. And also to have several newcomers join our workouts for the first time! read more

Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam – Guest post [MTL]

Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam logo
Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam

November Project has always been about making our cities more connected through free all-level fitness.
So when Florent & Fauve told us they wanted to launch a little challenge to get people moving and try to go visit a different running club int he city every day for a week, I immediately thought it was an amazing idea. Now, a couple of weeks later, they have organized a full-out open challenge for everyone with some cool prizes to win.
I’ll let the two of them explain in both anglais et French, in good Montréal fashion!
– Laurent
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2019 in words [MTL]

With the decade coming to a close, let’s take some time to reflect and celebrate our individual and group achievements, to commemorate some great memories we’ve shared, and to acknowledge some of our favourite things that have made us happier humans.


So how did our little NP Montréal team, Le Cirque du Sore Legs, fare against the fierce competition in the RunAround125 relay race last weekend? Well, let us tell ya…

July 6, 2019: What a day. Branded as Le Cirque du Sore Legs, the November Project Montréal community came together as a team, and achieved an amazing feat at the RunAround125 race last Saturday.  read more

Meet “Le Cirque du Sore Legs”! [MTL]

So there’s this RunAround125 race happening like… Tomorrow! Organized by our good friend Gophrette Power, this 125km relay race around the entire Island of Montréal is going to be a lot of fun! Some of our members saw The Speed Project happen from far away this year and so were excited to try this mini-version right here in our backyard!
And so,
Le Cirque du Sore Legs was born! How was this team picked? Well, they were the first ones to put their hand up when they heard “… run 125 kilometers… blablabla … relay … blablabla … a ton of fun … blablabla … it will be really hot!”. And so now, for the next act of the NP Montréal circus, I present to you the team!
– Laurent
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Looking back at my time in Montreal – Guest blog [MTL]

This week, our dear Mehrsa looks back at her experience over the last few months here in Montreal and how we went not believing she would ever look forward to waking early on Wednesday to exercise in the cold to loving it! Enjoy!
– Laurent

I moved to Montreal for my studies, but studying was not the main challenge. Until then, I had always been under the protection of my parents and friends in my hometown. I saw myself surrounded by responsibilities at once in a totally new context, out of my comfort zone. I had to deal with adulthood, immigration, and the tough school programs all at the same time, and most importantly, I needed to step into the new society. read more

Running in circles [MTL]

In the past, I was suspicious of runners. Prior to my (now well documented) foray into running, I used to roll my eyes at people who told me they got an endorphin high from a run. The only thing I got was a cramp. I would watch runners stride out confidently, backs straight… chatting, thinking “how do they do it?” Thanks to supplementary activities, I was fit enough to do some running at my November Project workouts. I crowned myself the 5K Queen, because I had never felt the need to go further than that. However, when I became a leader, I knew I had to challenge myself to improve not only my physical capacity, but my community involvement.  read more

These are a few of our favourite things! [MTL]

This week, we welcomed Dora Hsiao as our new co-leader here in Montréal, and we could be more excited! Dora has been such an incredible member since she started “just showing up” to our workouts and one of these quiet yet incredibly powerful leaders! Dora and I sat down to share what our favourite November Project things were so you can get a taste for what is to come!
– Laurent read more