2019 in words [MTL]

2019 – what a year! Laurent and I are both so grateful for this community, on a local and global scale. Both of us were new to leadership this year, which has been challenging at times, but also extremely rewarding. To be able to kickstart every Wednesday with some of the most incredible individuals who constantly inspire us with their kindness, positivity, inclusivity, and support. To be able to give back to a community that has given both of us so much. It’s truly an honour and we don’t take it for granted.

With the 2010s coming to a close, we’d like to celebrate our individual and group achievements, to commemorate some great memories we’ve shared, and to acknowledge some of our favourite things that have made us happier humans.

PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENTS: 2019 has been a year of countless accomplishments. Here are just some of the highlights we are proudest of:

  • Jemal ran over 25km on July 18th, for the first time ever (oh, we should probably also mention that he casually went for a 34km solo long run just yesterday…)
  • Jose bounced back from injury/surgery, and ran his first marathon
  • Flo and Fauve ran the 65km Harricana Trail race – as did Ren (check out his takeover on our IG page, if you haven’t already)
  • Janick and Ren supported an amazing cause and both crushed it at Tremblant’s 24h 
  • Runaround125 – but more on this later!

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Sooo many good ones we’ve shared. We had a big group at NP Summit in Vegas this year, and it was an incredible weekend of #FreeFitness, running, and cheering. As Jacobane remembers, the energy at the NP cheer squad during the half marathon course – out of this world. 

But also: RunAround125!!! Still can’t really get over it. We had the best support crew: Laurent (genius race strategist), Fauve (most motivating cheerer/supporter/driver, who is also a bit injury prone…), Jemal (gazelle-like pacer), Silvana and Sophie (mobile cheer squad). We had the speediest legs: Jo, Mathieu, Jacobane, Flo, Tom, and Dora (learn more about us and our poop stories here 😂). There were so many incredible memories from that day, but in the end, it really boils down to the camaraderie and friendships that emerged from the shared accomplishment.

SOME OF OUR FAVOURITES: I guess there have also been some non-NP-related things that we’ve enjoyed in 2019 – so here are a few!

  • Café/restaurant:
    • Brunch: Byblos, Barleys
    • Restaurant: Yokato Yokabai
    • Cafe: Toi et Moi Cafe & Resto, Olimpico, Lili & Oli, Le Pain Dans Les Voiles, Tunnel Espresso (give us all the coffeeeeee)
  • Book (more comprehensive list by LC here)
    • The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
    • Beyond Pardon by Bertha Clay
    • Educated by Tara Westover
  • Movie:
    • The Dark Knight
    • La cité de la peur
    • Snatch
  • Word:
    • Paradigm
    • Reticent
    • Inclusive
    • FORCE

Okay, but also, can’t reaaally forget about our NP favourites…

  • NP workout:
    • April-Hill (Atwater episode)
    • Moving day workout
    • Beyoncé birthday under torrential rain
    • Canned food drive workout
    • 12 days of Christmas
  • Event:
    • NP Snowglobe
    • NP Pride day bike ride 
    • NP Summit 7 in Vegas!
    • Jose’s guest appearance on the Living Strong Podcast (go have a listen here)

2020 GOALS: New decade, new goals! Many of us have some specific races or distances in mind. We are stating our intentions in an affirmative way, because we ARE crushing our goals! 

  • Jose will take part in his longest trail race of over 25km
  • Tom will be more consistent with showing up to NP
  • Jacobane will have more, more, moaaar NP! And WILL NOT be afraid of the cold. #WeatherProof
  • Jemal will achieve some “real” PBs – in life, at work, and in fitness
  • Jason will run Gaspésia Ultratrail 54km
  • Thilak will run a full marathon
  • Flo will rester en forme (he’ll definitely do more than that… have you heard of the Grand Chelem de Montréal? Ask him about it)
  • Laurent and Dora will keep planning kickass (but fun) workouts and keep making Wednesdays the best mornings of the week!

If you made it ’til here… thank you for holding on! There was just so much that is worth celebrating and acknowledging.

THANK YOU so much for showing up over the past year and being part of our incredible, tight-knit community. Thank you for setting your alarms, braving all sorts of weather, and working out with us before the rest of the city wakes up. Your presence and positive energy truly means the world to us. We are constantly inspired by your genuine, beautiful souls. We are SO happy and grateful you are here. Here’s to the 2020s!!

Laurent & Dora

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