We don’t need no stinking newbies

Today everyone was an oldie and in retrospect, we should have cheered for your attendance with the same glee as those waiver-needers when they show up. We give these fresh faced kids all the attention of a new puppy, when Old Yeller has been getting out winter after winter and saving Bobby from the well. Let’s hear it for Old Y-dog for once! Here’s a cheer to those who are on NP morning #2 or #549, you both have that look like you’ve been through some serious shit. Badge days full of snotcicles and frozen ass cheeks, pushing cars out of Emily’s park, kamikaze tobogganing, soap in your eye on a slip and slide, crashing drones and getting lost in corn mazes… you’ve been to the other side and back and I raise a glass to your return.

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