Wed Winter Wisco Notes (BOS 3.13.19)

Wisconsin Notes on “Wisco Notes”

  • the summarized summary of the workout, announcements, and anything else the blog -writer has to offer for the day
  • intended to be short, sweet, and to the point for the writer–but mostly for the reader’s sake
  • originated from the original Wisconsin NP tribe: Madison, when their founder and co-leader (the recently retired from co-leading, Dan Graham) always always had too much to say and needed to simply sum it up.

Boston Wed Winter Wisco Notes

  • We’re coming on spring but the overnight temps are still really freaking cold.
  • Even though it’s cold–keep dressing in layers and KEEP SHOWING UP!
  • The efforts of the #shovelcrew last week were still felt today–making some sections fully clear of snow so we could run all the way from the bottom stair to top stair today.
  • Even though the stairs are hard as hell to run, and regularly make us complain and hurt, it was the weirdest best gift today to be able to run the majority of stairs on every single section today. Go figure.
  • Fire drills.
  • Too many fire drills today.
  • So many pushups and squats while trying to run stairs.
  • Bob Jones received the Positivity Award today. Freaking well-deserved.
  • BUFF season is almost over–if you ordered buffs and haven’t picked them up yet, come pick up your buffs at any workout!
  • With Capozzi in NYC for work, EmSauce is behind the camera today–but have no fear, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled photographer on Friday.

upcoming workouts

FRIDAY: 6:29am at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline. Meet at Corey Hill Outlook Park this week and every single Friday, always.

MONDAY: 3/18. 6:29am at Rolling Bridge Park, right in between the South End and Southie. We’ll only be at this location this week…every Monday is a different spot!

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