There’s room for you in this flock (Ottawa)

This morning’s workout was led by tribe babysitter Kelly and Rebecca. Some creative, silly, tough, modifiable movements and layout made for another unique November Project morning.

Let me tell you how neat it is to leave the city and be so confident in the community that keeps things rolling. It’s amazing to have full trust in the people who show up every Wednesday, knowing that any newbie who shows up will feel welcome, that everyone is conscious of making every person feel encouraged, and pushed. Kelly and Rebecca stepped up to keep things flowing, and it’s because of all of you who showed up, that allowed it to go off without a hitch (unless something outrageous happened that we will find out about when we come back??? I’m sure the RCMP officers will be in touch soon).

The main takeaway from this morning is “No matter animal you relate to most, there’s room for you in this flock.” – Kelly + Rebecca dynamic duo. Jump outside your comfort zone to make people aware of the flock that may be a home for them too.

We missed you and were moving about, as guests in a new community, feeling grateful for what we get to come back to. See you all next week.


  1. BUFFS ARE $5, show up next week to earn yours
  2. Next week, Supreme Court – avoid parking directly at Supreme court. Give yourself extra time to walk or run from street parking! 4
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