The man. The beard. The legend: Colin Ward.

Team work makes the dream work.

Wisconsin Notes:
-it’s not freezing out anymore
-blindfold, partner extravaganza
-Colin is the man
-Manitoba Run Crew starts Monday, March 18th

Full Disclosure, I somehow got it into my brain that today was Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day (it’s not) and I wanted to think of a workout that could tie into that. The first idea was some sort of social simulation during the workout where Scott was the designated bully and we had to band together somehow to defeat him. But it was quickly realized that he would love that way too much and things would escalate way too quickly. The next idea was all around the idea that we are BETTER TOGETHER (and this still worked as a theme when Dom informed me that it was not, in fact, Pink Shirt Day.)

So today we did everything together. We did warmup holding hands in groups of 4, all while holding hands we did butt kicks, skipping, high knees, etc. Then we did a real weird, real fun, partner blindfold workout thing. Next we did the Bridge Challenge TIED TO A PARTNER, like the whole running, jumping, 20 minute effort tied to a partner with string. This actually went much smoother than I expected, people were remarkably well coordinated. Kristjana and Gen and their dogs Spike and Grace were a great team of four. Jody and Laura had the most beautiful syconized burpees I have ever seen. Most people were forced to consistently work hard because they were tied to their partner (with the noteable exception of Evan and Nate who were essentially leisurely strolling and chatting about the best bread making techniques). It was wacky and weird and hard work. Thank you all for showing up, and embracing our strange ideas and making them a fun filled reality.

Today Colin won the positivity award. I know, you’re thinking the exact same thing I did, how did he not win it yet?!? (Full disclosure, we just assumed that he had won it, like years ago, totally our oversight.) Colin is awesome, he has been coming to NP for years, he is at all the workouts, races, social events, and he has even hosted post workout brunch. Colin is kind, he builds true bonds with the friends he has made at NP, he is a good friend. Colin does all of our design work, he graciously volunteers his time and talents to make truly fire content for us. Colin, I’m sorry we forgot about you, but it’s only because you’re such an constant, positive fixture in our NP family that we naturally assumed you’d be recognized ages ago. Colin has the brightest outfits and the best beard and the camera loves him. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a gang of photos of Colin:

Colin throws down a mean jowler.
I mean, right?!
Dogs love him.
Colin can hold an aggressive crouch.
Colin crushes birthday-stadium stairs.
Like, really crushes a year book photo.
He gives a deadly high 5.
He rocks a look like no one else.
He consistently shows up.
Colin is an excellent teammate.
Colin does not litter.
Colin is a dedicated volunteer.

Colin we are glad that you are here.

Guys, I am super pumped and really proud to announce that I am partnering with the Manitoba Marathon to launch and lead a weekly, year round run crew.
Coming to you Monday, March 18th! Monday nights • meet at 6:45pm for a 7pm start • Assiniboine Park Duck Pond • 5-10km run • all paces and all people welcome • FREE
COME RUN WITH US! If you have any questions please reach out to me. More free fitness for everyone!

Have a great Wednesday!
-Pumped up M

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