Why Did You Choose Burpees (YEG)

Today’s workout was similar to most, we bounced, we high-fived/hugged, and started our day. What struck me was how you chose to approach the workout.

The instructions for the morning involved a personal choice of exercises, whatever worked for you, it could be anything. We almost all started with squats and lunges. Slowly but surely things became harder as we ran out of ideas for what to pick next. Then it started happening. People willingly chose to do burpees. I even heard people call each other out, egging them on to join in the choice. It’s not a simple exercise and you picked it – you put in the work. What an amazing mindset, on Monday at 6am you said “fuck it I’m going to push myself.” It was great to watch and it makes me proud to be surrounded by amazing people. Even if burpees weren’t a part of your rotation you listened to your body and did your absolute best. We saw you. You were noticed.

You might not be able to tell but this photo was filled with smiles! Hope you all had an amazing Monday!



Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

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Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are going down on April 27)


Keep being awesome,



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