More Fun Monday (BOS 3.11.19)

When Capozzi and I showed up at the workout location this morning we knew we had a challenge on our hands.

Just to get oriented, the workout was at Fidelis Way Park. It’s a really cool spot hidden in the middle of Brighton–away from any of the main streets that surround it. There’s a big basketball court that we thought might be clear from the recent snow. It wasn’t. There are a couple sets of amazing stairs which would be fun to build into a circuit to race up and burn out everyone’s legs. They were covered in slush, ice, and dangerous-uneven footing in the best spots. There is an extensive playground that could provide obstacle course-like fitness…that is if it wasn’t covered in snow up to 2 inches below the seats of the swings. Even the angled wall that’s perfect for incline movements of all kids was kind of unusable because it too, was covered in slushy snow and ice. The only thing “left” to transform into an amazing arena of #weatherproof fitnesss was this great big field that had seemingly not been touched since the last snowflakes fell.

All of a sudden, we knew what had to be done. Forget dry feet. Forget warm toes. Forget the “we’ll try to keep you dry or out of the snow…” attempt we often make as we design workouts. We were gonna tear up this field of fresh snow and have more fun than anyone ever thought possible when they were slipping and sliding on sidewalks and streets to get there.

And if the workout location was too tucked away for you to even find it–or you found yourself cozy in bed long after the beautiful sunrise–here’s what you missed. A partner workout sprinting uphill and across the giant field…then back downhill to where your partner was doing exercises like jumping jacks, sumo squats, lunges, and tuck jumps. And that running across the field??? Through snow up to the middle of your shins, and knee-deep at some points. There was slip & sliding, snowball throwing, a little light “tackle-running,” and a whole lot of fun.

And for the finisher of the workout, the tribe moved over to a fresh section of the field for a giant game of tag–where anyone could be “it”–but in order to be “it” you had to be on piggy back. Madness. And so. much. fun.

Mondays are always more fun than you think they’re gonna be. Yes to all the cold, dark, I-might-get-lost, things because they’re all true. And it’s definitely, always worth it. Have a great Monday.

just show up next Monday…

at 6:29am on Monday 3/18, we’ll do this #destinationdeck workout thing again. Our location is always fresh and next week we’re heading to the South End/Southie area near the Fort Point Channel. Rolling Bridge Park. Make a plan, find a run crew, and get yourselves there. It’ll be more fun than you think it can be!

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