Skip it and reverse it (ORL)

A fast, fun partner workout was in the cards this week- and we made best use of the plaza to play a game of chance that had us adding up squat jumps, power push ups, oil rigs (a wheelbarrow-y squat and push up combo), and jumping jacks with our partners. A few skips and reverse jogs around the fountain, along with some sprints to each dock, kept our heart rates and body temps up in between card shuffles. What better way to keep us on our toes than by a random numbers of strength exercise reps?

So because of week’s appearance of “cold weather” at Baldwin Park, the Uno deck workout was designed to keep you moving and shaking as much as possible. And for those of us who ran the BDR races this past weekend, it was the healthy dose of #activerecovery that Dyani and #angelface prescribed*. Cheers to everyone who raced, PRd, finished, overcame, and just showed up!

Our version of being winter-#weatherproof doesn’t necessarily mean biting sub-zero temps or fierce blizzards, (though it can get into the 30s on occasion), but we do know how to get things done here at November Project Orlando. Even when we go into full #adultrecess mode and play our own wacky version of “heads or tails” tag.


  • We finally had our #recruitingchallenge raffle and Todd, Ray, and Whitney walked away with some great prize packs with sweet gear from The North Face, Knockaround, Jaybird, and Ragnar! Thanks to everyone for the big push to bring your neighbors, friends, and co-workers out to join us every week in this crazy community we call home.
  • Need more face time with your fellow tribe members? Info about social events, race signups, and track days/bike rides/pool meets (and more) can be found here on the facebook social page.
  • The 2019 #NPbuffs are here. If you pre-ordered, come and get yours. If you didn’t, and want in on the fun, we still have some left! Just ask about them next week.

*they are not real doctors

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