Guess who’s back? (ORL)

Guess who’s back, back again? NP’s back… Tell a friend!

It’s been a long 14 weeks without the usual sunrises, smiles, and squat jumps together in our playground by the lake, and although the world looks very different in so many ways, there is still a lot to digest, reflect, and unpack about our time apart. To be honest, we’ve missed you. The virtual workouts and zoom meetups can only do so much, and now our fitness community is slowly coming back to life. read more

Battles (ORL)

As my counterpart Dyani made her way up to the Pacific Northwest a little early this week, this fearless crew powered through today’s workout under my watchful eye in quick, successive rounds of #rockpaperscissors. Each new partnership resulted in a penalty of burpees, pistol squats, or inchworm pushups for as long as it took the victor to run a lap out to Jake Street and back. read more

Sweat & spray paint: Sunrise 6k (ORL)

When all 51 branches of November Project worldwide decided to band together to hold the annual Sunrise 6k event during the same glorious week in July, we knew that it would be a true test of our #weatherproof-ness to throw down 3.7ish miles in the height of summer and the perfect chance to show the world what we’re made of. read more

Heat training (ORL)

Summer PR days are special, because you know you’re going to have to work extra hard to chase your record. The local central Florida weather isn’t very forgiving when you’re trying to breathe in those precious gulps of oxygen on the long lap or wrestling with the hot pavement during those seven burpees. You can’t really get around it. read more

Summertime, and the Countdown’s easy (ORL)

As we head into the thick of the hot, humid, summer and the midpoint of our calendar year, there are a few things to mention:

  • The global #NPKnocks photo contest runs through June 21, and a lucky winner will score a trip to NP summit in Vegas in November, along with 52 pairs of Knockaround shades! Details:
  • Let’s represent strong at the AdventHealth Watermelon 5k on Independence Day. We always bring the best energy, flair, and spirit and intend to keep it that way this year, too.
  • Guess what? #yearbookphotos drop soon… The hype is real.
  • And watch this blog (and the facebook social page) for event details on our Birthday Social (happening on June 29) at SoCo Thornton Park! #thetribecelebrates

This week brought back the arduous Countdown challenge, where we attempt to get through a circuit of 100 mountain climbers, 90 squats, 80 bicycle crunches, 70 lunges, 60 box jumps, 50 v-sits, 40 push ups, 30 tricep dips, 20 burpees and 10 star jumps, with a full lap to the docks in between. With every try, we get closer and closer to finishing the entire list: so we can all express a big congrats to the few who brought the heat on Wednesday and got alllll the way through the star jumps and the victory lap… and equal props to those who rallied forward for the entire time period without stopping, getting down to 50… or maybe 40… or even 20… read more

Guaranteed. (ORL)

On another glorious Wednesday morning by Lake Baldwin, dozens of crazed, wild animals came ready to tackle the infamous Beastmaker Ladder workout. An ascending and descending circuit of complex movements (picture a burpee that was hit by a gamma ray that mutated into a core- and arm-busting monster) left everyone sweaty, amped, and transformed! You see, when you come to November Project, armed with a can-do attitude and a hunger for fitness, we can guarantee a few things: read more

Smell likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle spirit (ORL)

As many of you know, we like high fives around here. We like the affirmation, eye contact, and the energy transfer they create. There’s nothing better than a well-timed “You got this!” and a deliberate hand slap as you sprint those last few yards or deliver a solid partner push up. This week, we took our high fives to the local parking structure to gain a speck of elevation and get our “hill training” on insofar as central Florida is concerned. read more

You belong here. #guestblog (ORL)

This week we regressed back into that magical, golden time in our lives, where the entire world fit within the radius of our neighborhood and everything was still fun & games. When we’re young, we start to figure out where we stand- finding our voice at home, scoping out our clique at school, knowing our favorite spot at the playground, and otherwise ruling the corner of our block. We always crave a place to belong. read more

One small step (ORL)

For those of you who missed out on the rocket-powered pop-up we held for the (postponed) #SpaceX #Falcon9 launch last week, we decided to bring back a slightly modified version of the workout since it garnered such rave reviews from the four brave souls who busted through it. Not sure we’ve ever done a back-to-back repeat of a workout before, but this one was too good to pass up… Overall, I’d call it a success since most everyone was able to finish through the entire set and blast through the atmosphere into OUTER SPACE by the time it was over! read more

PR who we are (are are are are are) (ORL)

We can never predict just what #PRday will bring us. Mother nature could send out a cold snap, or turn the sauna up to 12. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, dealing with the proverbial pebble in your shoe, or a head that’s not in the game are all within the realm of possibility every time we #justshowup to the lakeside on those designated Wednesdays. read more