One small step (ORL)

For those of you who missed out on the rocket-powered pop-up we held for the (postponed) #SpaceX #Falcon9 launch last week, we decided to bring back a slightly modified version of the workout since it garnered such rave reviews from the four brave souls who busted through it. Not sure we’ve ever done a back-to-back repeat of a workout before, but this one was too good to pass up… Overall, I’d call it a success since most everyone was able to finish through the entire set and blast through the atmosphere into OUTER SPACE by the time it was over!

As you can see, the energy was high and the sweat was dripping as the group counted down through a grueling set of strength exercises all the way up until the very last set of “small step for man” lunges, “giant leap for mankind” squat jumps, lunar leg lifts, and deep space dips. And every opportunity to cool down with a trajectory set for Jake St. was another opportunity for a high five. And we love high fives.

To get things started, we assembled together as the sun was coming up and Hulk smashed, Hawkeye lunged, and Captain America star jumped our way across the plaza. Once we gathered all the infinity stones, threw on the gauntlet, and snapped our way into the main set, we thanked our friends in NP Austin for kicking us off just right. Always remember to loosen up before attempting to thwart Thanos and break through the atmosphere, friends! The morning culminated in a core-searing burnout set to Sir Elton’s “Rocketman”. Plank holds and push ups and burpees galore, all capping off our out-of-this-world Wednesday! Thanks to Dyani for that one.

It’s great seeing new friends join us, welcoming old friends back, and hearing words of encouragement echoing across the lake. Fact: when our little fitness community is present and strong, the workouts get that much better. It’s never about having perfect attendance (though we do appreciate that) or being the fastest or fittest (and we do want you to chase those PRs)- what’s important is showing up when you need us the most. When you’re ready for a bit of cross training after a long ramp up of miles. When you’re back from a long business trip and miss the hints of sunlight across the lake. When you move to a new city and crave some new #accountabilibuddies. When you’re looking to connect with the people in your city. November Project opens up so many doors. And the riches that await you on the other side can be had with one small step.


  • It’s gonna be #MayHW: every day this month, add 10 to the date and do that number of push ups. By the end of May, you will be up to 41 push ups! You can do them all at once, or spread them out throughout the day, but be sure to post your results in video or photo form on the social page. (As always, you can find more information about various upcoming races, weekly workouts, social events, #badassladygangs, fundraisers, and other community goings-on at the facebook social page here.)
  • In case you missed it, read more about November Project’s partnership with Brooks Running and the announcement for the annual #NPsummit at this blog post. #vegasbaby
  • November Project HQ is now officially a non-profit, and there’s a nice little summary about it right over here.
  • Lisbeth: #ImGladYouWereThere at this week’s workout!
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