No Matter The Reason… (Worcester)

Yesterday, We celebrated our beloved Ben O’Meara by having our annual “Ben’s Day” workout. This is a workout full of all things Ben, which this year happened to be an AC/DC theme. We did our typical stadium workout… however, at 4 different spots there were orange cones which indicated a workout that you would do underneath the stadium, and then continue through the sections. With workouts named BACK in Black, Highway to Hell, TNT, and Fire your guns, A sea of green moved through the stadium in the early morning hours.

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Photo Credit: Carrie Peck

Just below the stadium, a bunch of “virgin shirts” were laid out ready to get some fresh tags sprayed on. In addition to our sharp black “November Project” stencil, we had a limited edition Green Hulk Smash Fist to honor Ben.

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Photo credit: Amber Vaillancourt

There were a lot of special things about yesterday’s work out, of course, but here is what really moved me. We lost Ben two years ago. At that time, every single person who showed up on Wednesday knew who he was. Fast forward two years, and of course we have many new faces. People who have never met Ben, could feel the love, and the energy that Ben brought every single week. He really set the tone for Worcester, and I am so happy that we keep it going strong. #BeLikeBen

You see, there is this constant debate of Fitness VS Social aspect. Everyone has their own opinions on this, but I am going to put my take here. November Project is a Free Fitness movement. We all know this. November Project is also largely about COMMUNITY. The beauty of it, is you can show up and take from it what YOU need. That’s what it’s here for. If you want to show up and push yourself to your limit, or if you want to show up and cheer people on- you aren’t wrong. Each individual who shows up is there for their own unique reason. Someone is there training to run a 100 mile race and getting in that cross training, someone is there to get the endurance to run their first 5k, Someone really needs that hour out of the house to have freedom from their responsibility of life at home, Someone is going through some really hard times and just needs to find support and strength among others. None of these reasons (plus infinitely more) are wrong.

We want to be able to provide a safe space for you to show up each week where you can meet new people, get some free fitness, and find support wherever you may need it.

Let’s face it, are any of us REALLY morning people? It is sincerely worth the early wake up each week for the physical and mental benefit. So, NO MATTER THE REASON, we’re glad you’re here.

See you next week!

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