PR who we are (are are are are are) (ORL)

We can never predict just what #PRday will bring us. Mother nature could send out a cold snap, or turn the sauna up to 12. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, dealing with the proverbial pebble in your shoe, or a head that’s not in the game are all within the realm of possibility every time we #justshowup to the lakeside on those designated Wednesdays.

In fact, the sky above, the ground below, and the faces we meet have the ability to conspire and get us that Personal Record or not. But most important to this recipe- is the version of YOU who shows up that will make the difference! Who YOU decide to bring to #PRday is a real measure of success, and determines just how you leave the workout at 730am. The dozens of burpees and multiple trips up the ramp can either make or break your body, but Dyani and I know that your grit, encouragement, and willpower will always shine through.

Today’s PR day was no different. From newbies, to long time returnees, and even those in active recovery or just here for the #sunriseselfie, we can all step up to the challenge and PR, who we are.


  • Bonus #rocketpowered pop-up this Friday: We’re meeting up in our usual spot on Friday, April 26 at 545am for a special SpaceX Falcon9 launch-inspired extra credit workout. Lace up and bring a friend, and get ready for liftoff! facebook event here.
  • Race signups, track meets, bike rides, belly dancing, yoga, trail runs, cheer gangs, #traverbal pics, and all sorts of other mayhem can be found on the facebook social page here.
  • Big news last week! Details about November Project’s partnership with Brooks Running and the announcement for the annual #NPsummit can be found in this blog post.
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