Hold On (YEG)

Maybe this isn’t the most uplifting thing to say but it never gets easier. The alarm might get easier to turn off, the numbers of sets/reps that you do might increase, but the true work that you are putting in never gets easier.

We do this for ourselves – you have to find that reason to push yourself. In a group like this there are countless examples and reasons to emulate (should you choose) but in the end its up to you. Can I keep going? Can I go for 60 more seconds? One more pushup!! Etc. etc. The answer is yes. It is always yes. Day after day you will prove to yourself that you can do a little more – the human body is an amazing thing.

We all have our Why (even if we can’t fully articulate it yet) but we are bonded together by collectively putting the work in. We are ‘holding on’ together – it makes it all that much easier.

Thank you all for coming out, sharing your strength with those around you, and having some stairs for breakfast! Maybe our venue will change for next race day? Maybe it wont. You’ll have to just have to #justshowup and see

Did you know that we take photos? Did you notice the two guys with the cameras snapping shots this morning? Did you know that we make albums from those photos? Check them out here.


Keep being awesome,




Friday – Walterdale hill

We have buffs – 5$

Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are heading down on April 27 to the clinic by the UofA)


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