Do you have it? The will to wake up? When it is early AF and there is frost on the ground. When you’re a little sore and achy from yesterday’s leg day.  When you had to work overtime because your coworker needed help.  When your bed is extra comfy and may or may not have a warm companion lying beside you.  When you are just mad at the world and don’t want to see a single person.  Do you have the #WILLTOWAKEUP ?

Waking up early to get in a workout is the cornerstone of this movement that is November Project. Our founders Bojan and Brogan picked the morning that first November because waking up early to workout in the cold dark winter is fucking hard! If it was easy everyone would have washboard abs and tight asses.  NP workouts are ALWAYS in the morning because that is the only time of day that life’s interference’s are at a minimum.  There isn’t overtime at 6:15am, the roads are empty and traffic is non-existent, your kids don’t have soccer practice or ballet.  You have NO EXCUSES!  (Except for an early work schedule, ya know, the people that are already waking up that early because their boss makes them.) The rest of you, it’s all a matter of willpower. 

PR Day Vibes

NP Leaders across the world have all gotten the question, “Do you have any evening workouts? I’d come if they were in the evening.” Nope, sorry, no evenings here. Of course it would be easier if the workouts were at 6:15pm.  You could sleep as long as you want, look forward to the workout all day in your cubicle, sweat in the glorious sunshine, and follow it all up with a refreshing post sweat sesh brew with your buds.  Shit, that sounds awesome, but it also sounds EASY! There are plenty of other groups out there that offer you a nightly option and that is what makes November Project different.

The willingness to wake up isn’t something you magically get overnight. Hell, I know plenty of athletic badasses that put in the work day in and day out that absolutely hate waking up early for NP. (I see you and I love you Scott Ward) But it is possible to become or at least tolerate being a morning person. Setting that alarm and putting out your clothes the night before makes the 5:30am wake up just a little bit easier.  Drop a #verbal and learn the good old-fashioned motivator called accountability.  Make a deal with a workout buddy that if they show up, you’ll show up. Do something to help set yourself up for success.

Burpees are better in the morning.

It’s time for a call to action!  I’m asking all of the dedicated NP_VB tribe members to help us show Hampton Roads and the world what it means to have the will to wake up . When you come to your next workout, take a picture with a friend, take a selfie, snag one of our pictures. Just post something on social media using the hashtag #WILLTOWAKEUP telling the world just how badass you are. Call out your friends that tell you “I promise I will come one day” and encourage them to have the will to wake up with you.  Because what we are doing out there, each and every Wednesday and Friday morning, is changing our lives, changing each other’s lives, and changing our community for the better. One morning at a time!

~Love Jill

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