Smell likes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle spirit (ORL)

As many of you know, we like high fives around here. We like the affirmation, eye contact, and the energy transfer they create. There’s nothing better than a well-timed “You got this!” and a deliberate hand slap as you sprint those last few yards or deliver a solid partner push up. This week, we took our high fives to the local parking structure to gain a speck of elevation and get our “hill training” on insofar as central Florida is concerned.

Many of us were clad in all black (thanks for keeping up with the socials, guys!), and began by bowing to our sensei and trying out the #ninjaslap game that is all the rage. A strategic, choreographed ballet it was not- but we quickly moved to the main event and muscled through a partner workout that consisted of plank toe taps, kick sits, partner push ups, and back-to-back plank claps amid quick laps up the ramp to the second level of the structure.

Even though we tried to stay incognito and silent, we still passed out the appropriate number of high fives that kept our spirits high in that concrete jungle we called home for the day. Dyani and I are proud of everyone for getting out of their comfort zones and incorporating a little bit of incline training in our workouts.


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  • If you missed last week’s #guestblog, click here to see what our very own Todd chose to say with his platform.
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