Turkey Trot Friday (BOS 5.17.19)

Some days when it’s not Thanksgiving and it’s not even November, we run the Turkey Trot course on Summit Ave and around Corey Hill Outlook Park. It’s a giant figure-8-ish course looping around the very top of the hill on Jordan Rd. to York Terrace, and the bottom of the 8 loops down the stairs of Summit Path to Mason Terrace and back up Summit Ave.

If you have no idea about the streets around Summit, and the best navigational orientation you can offer is “front hill” or “back hill,” then the street names don’t matter and you hopefully didn’t get lost as you ran in the pack of humans, trying to avoid the plentiful turkeys along the way. And for the guy who arrived late and told me, “Sort of?” when I asked him if he was here to run with November Project–who seemed to just be running straight up front/back hills, hopefully you got a great workout that was sort of with the group.

Turkey Trot is a great example of how much fun it is to CHANGE THINGS UP and do something out of the ordinary sometimes. We don’t need to make it wildly different every single week, but some variation is really fun. This is the precise reason that we keep looking for opportunities to do fun things during workouts, and even making some workouts totally out of the ordinary.

Memorial Day Monday is a good example of that–we wrote about it in the blog on Wed. this week, but we’ll reiterate here and now that we’re doing something out of the ordinary that day!

We typically pick workout locations that are pretty much central and/or reasonable for people to get to regarding the distance you have to go to get there. But on May 27th, we’re trying a farther-away distance and welcoming everyone to get there however they need to get there…but we’re also organizing a meet-up location for anyone and everyone who wants to run (kinda like an “ultra-monday-distance”) or to bike to the workout.

We’ll share the start times & single location for two different run groups to start running toward the workout, as well as where bikers can meet up for the ride. The goal is that we go on an adventure of beyond-normal proportions for this workout. But how you get to the workout will be up to you!

And remember that on the way home, you can either do the same distance back home, OR you could then take the T home, or catch a ride with someone who drove, or whatever you choose. It’s an adventure!

So stay tuned–the next Monday blog will be dedicated to providing all the info for the Memorial Day (5/27) workout and logistics for getting there.


RUN IT FORWARD!! We’ve got this great new footwear & apparel sponsor, Brooks, and they’re working on a challenge to the world with Strava (the run-tracking social app) over the next couple of weeks. You simply log miles on Strava–they’re challenging you to run at least 21 miles (which works out to be one mile a day)–and all the miles you log add up to running shoes and clothes for high school students who need that gear to enjoy the amazing sport of running.

So yup, you simply run (something you probably already do and hopefully enjoy), you log it on Strava (easy peasy), just be sure to join the #RunItForward challenge, and you do good in the world so more kids can access and enjoy running. Literally #RunItForward. Use that hashtag when you post about your running and maybe even spread more inspiration for others to run (yay!) and help contribute more Brooks gear to high school runners.

RUN A 5K TOMORROW ON THE NP TEAM. If you’d like to run a 5k race on Saturday and are excited about a 50% discount to do so, just sign up for the Esplanade Association’s 5k and definitely use this promo code: NOVPROJECT

Be sure to join the November Project Team if you register and wear Grassroots Gear! If you have none, I (Emily) will tag your shirt on site, only between 8:15 – 8:40am. If you plan to get a shirt tagged, it’s also great to let me know (send me a message on FB messenger or IG [Emily Saul / @emilysaulboston].

Bib pickup starts at 8am. Race starts at 9am. You cannot use the Promo Code for on-site registration, so if you want to race with NP, sign up now.

MONDAY 5/20 WORKOUT: is at the basketball court at Quincy Upper School (IN BOSTON, not Quincy) at 6:29am. MAP RIGHT HERE.

NEXT WED the stadium workout is Backpack Day. Bring/wear a backpack with some weight (even a little tiny bit counts!) for the workout.

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