Guess who’s back? (ORL)

Guess who’s back, back again? NP’s back… Tell a friend!

It’s been a long 14 weeks without the usual sunrises, smiles, and squat jumps together in our playground by the lake, and although the world looks very different in so many ways, there is still a lot to digest, reflect, and unpack about our time apart. To be honest, we’ve missed you. The virtual workouts and zoom meetups can only do so much, and now our fitness community is slowly coming back to life.

For those of us who are healthy, willing and able to (cautiously) #justshowup to Harbor Park again, we are taking our first steps to making NP Orlando a safe space for this to happen.

Effective last week, the city of Orlando and the state of Florida have lifted many restrictions on group gatherings. As such, we are resuming in-person workouts on Wednesdays at 6:29am in Baldwin Park this week, beginning 06/17! We’re just as excited as you are to bring free fitness back to our community, but first, we’d like everyone to read, understand and commit to the following guidelines:

  • Begin with self-awareness: Sign the e-waiver, stay home if you’re feeling sick, familiarize yourself with the workout, and be mindful of your own abilities and well-being as you resume exercise.
  • Practice being self-sufficient: Bring your own equipment (face coverings/buffs, wipes/sanitizers, gloves, mats, hydration, etc) as necessary, and keep your eyes and ears open for instructions/reminders/markings.
  • Maintain self-spacing: Keep physical distance from the member next to you, avoid gathering/chatting in groups, and (for now) please, no hugs/high fives.

We are all going to have to understand and accept that there will be some risk in venturing out and gathering together again. This is all a work in progress- we welcome any feedback, so please let’s all cooperate to keep each other SAFE and HEALTHY by sticking to (and reminding each other of) the three rules above.

And even though we’re bringing in-person group workouts back, the true spirit and culture of November Project never left. Let’s see how this goes. #justshowup (after signing the e-waiver) #freefitness #community #NP_continues

*for a word from NPHQ, click through to this link about what it may be like “when we’re all together again.”

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