Moving forward (Ottawa)

At November Project (NP) workouts, we have a responsibility to the people who show up to create a safe space that will welcome, challenge, & encourage members. We acknowledge that this space has not felt safe for all, especially our BIPoC members, & we sincerely apologize. Many institutions, organizations, & practices are rooted in white supremacy and colonialism— and NP is no different. Below is a snapshot of our multilayered plan to untangle white supremacy & white settler colonialism from our organization — & rebuild. As long as there is injustice, we will continue to break down/add/edit/modify/rebuild our organization & this plan.


AMPLIFY VOICES: Elevate the voices of BIPoC members and leaders within each city via blog posts, social media posts, leadership roles, & storytelling. You were there the entire time- we’re sorry that we weren’t listening.


EDUCATE OURSELVES: Continue & expand our work with our antiracist educators via workshops, reading assignments, reflection, & leadership summits to change our trajectory. We can no longer think of ourselves as simply a ‘workout group.’ We are leaders committed to antiracism and justice, & that starts with our leadership.


REDEFINE LEADERSHIP: Volunteer leaders will be expected to participate in all HQ opportunities to read, watch, learn and grow. Monthly conversations will compel our leaders to look at how white supremacy and colonialism is embedded in practices, language, locations of workouts, social events, and bystander behavior— in their own lives, cities, and beyond. Using this information, our volunteer leaders will examine what true leadership in their communities looks like.


DISSEMINATE INFORMATION: Create a resource page on the NP website to equip leaders & members with a toolkit on how to become better accomplices and co-conspirators in the fitness arena.


LISTEN & ACT: We recognize we have a long way to go. We will simultaneously do our own work while following the lead from BIPoC local leaders to change our cities. As an organization of 3 employees and 124 volunteer leaders, we’ve hit the ground running & hope to see the change when we return to in-person workouts, whenever that may be.

Here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz 


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