Summertime, and the Countdown’s easy (ORL)

As we head into the thick of the hot, humid, summer and the midpoint of our calendar year, there are a few things to mention:

  • The global #NPKnocks photo contest runs through June 21, and a lucky winner will score a trip to NP summit in Vegas in November, along with 52 pairs of Knockaround shades! Details:
  • Let’s represent strong at the AdventHealth Watermelon 5k on Independence Day. We always bring the best energy, flair, and spirit and intend to keep it that way this year, too.
  • Guess what? #yearbookphotos drop soon… The hype is real.
  • And watch this blog (and the facebook social page) for event details on our Birthday Social (happening on June 29) at SoCo Thornton Park! #thetribecelebrates

This week brought back the arduous Countdown challenge, where we attempt to get through a circuit of 100 mountain climbers, 90 squats, 80 bicycle crunches, 70 lunges, 60 box jumps, 50 v-sits, 40 push ups, 30 tricep dips, 20 burpees and 10 star jumps, with a full lap to the docks in between. With every try, we get closer and closer to finishing the entire list: so we can all express a big congrats to the few who brought the heat on Wednesday and got alllll the way through the star jumps and the victory lap… and equal props to those who rallied forward for the entire time period without stopping, getting down to 50… or maybe 40… or even 20…

But in the end we all know that it doesn’t really matter where you ended up, so long as you gave it your all and taxed your body along the way. Track your progress and aim to PR the next time the Countdown workout rolls around! Because it will roll back around…

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