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On another glorious Wednesday morning by Lake Baldwin, dozens of crazed, wild animals came ready to tackle the infamous Beastmaker Ladder workout. An ascending and descending circuit of complex movements (picture a burpee that was hit by a gamma ray that mutated into a core- and arm-busting monster) left everyone sweaty, amped, and transformed! You see, when you come to November Project, armed with a can-do attitude and a hunger for fitness, we can guarantee a few things:

  • A tough workout. Leave all the pretense behind when you step into this arena. If you really allow yourself to dive in, you can run an all-out sprint between the docks. Sometimes you’re leaping up and over steps, benches, or other human beings, multiple times. 30 burpees? No problem. Being the last one to hold that low plank? You got this! We are all constantly pushing and reaching, in any weather, anticipating that burn on Thursday. #raceeverything
  • Community buy-in. We use our city as a playground, and our neighbors become our playmates. Local steps, ramps, parks, and lakeside docks all provide the canvas for our work. Oftentimes, we’re hand in hand, hoisteeing with strangers and giving out high fives by the minute. We partner with hometown businesses, running clubs, and charities near and dear to us. We weave this fabric together. #community
  • The other side of fun. November Project doesn’t take itself tooooo seriously. In fact, some of our sessions can get downright wacky! Each week, we might celebrate real holidays, fake holidays, childhood games, sporting events, or pop culture. Throwbacks to schooltime recess, pep rallies, and summer camp are part and parcel of how we structure our mornings. We can let our hair down, let our freak flags fly, and flash a huge grin throughout all of those grueling strength circuits. It’s how we’d rather start our day. #adultrecess

And one more thing. Every workout- from now to infinity- will cost you $free.99. No down payment, no sign ups, no paperwork. Just a #verbal.


  • Next week is #yearbookphoto day! We’re bringing our tie dye and rainbow best for the annual NP-worldwide headshot session. You won’t want to miss this workout and end up with a major case of #fomo. Here’s the facebook event so you can gather up the crew.
  • It’s also #globalrunningday this coming Wednesday, June 5, and our friends at the Track Shack are hosting a free 5k fun run at 630pm. Connect with the Orlando fitness community, revel in the festivities, and sign up for the race at this link.
  • Let’s get that dazzling rainbow #grassrootsgear on and show up STRONG to the CommUnity Rainbow Run, a 4.9k race benefitting the onePULSE foundation being held on Saturday, June 8. Sign up and join team “November Project Orlando” for your chance to celebrate Pride month, our local community, and that #raceeverything spirit. Registration link here.
  • We’re in the last week of the Brooks Running/Strava #runitforward challenge, so there’s still some time for you to sign up, and run 21 miles in support of running gear for HS students. Link here:
  • Check our socials for info the upcoming #NPKnocks photo contest (starts June 1st).
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