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This week, we welcomed Dora Hsiao as our new co-leader here in Montréal, and we could be more excited! Dora has been such an incredible member since she started “just showing up” to our workouts and one of these quiet yet incredibly powerful leaders! Dora and I sat down to share what our favourite November Project things were so you can get a taste for what is to come!
– Laurent

Welcome Dora!!

Our favourite workout

Dora – The one at Atwater Market during “March around the city”, where we got to do some colouring with crayons. This was my favourite NP workout for many reasons:

  • That feeling of nostalgia… I loved colouring growing up, and I hadn’t done it in so, so long. As challenging and painful as it was holding the plank, it was SO. MUCH. FUN.
  • So many friends showed up that week. This was the week Laurent got announced as the new co-lead of NP Montréal, and we got to celebrate him!
  • There were so many elements to this workout – it required some strength, some cardio, some creativity, some strategy. And it involved so much laughter!
  • Being new to Montreal, I got to explore different parts of the city throughout that whole month. I loved that so much!

Laurent – I don’t think I have a favourite workout per se, since there are just too many options, haha! If I were to put together the different ingredients I prefer, I’d say there would be:

  • A bit of a silly theme to make the whole thing more joyful
  • Working with a partner or a team because it’s always a little easier when there are others to cheer you and to cheer
  • Some form of competition between groups/teams to get you a push just that little bit harder because – let’s be honest for a second – we all prefer “winning”, even if it doesn’t mean anything
  • That feeling of feeling just sore enough after that you feel proud but not too much that you can’t move for the rest of the day

So, to give a few examples, those Game of Thrones, Soccer World Cup, higher education hill repeats were some of my favourites yet! 🙂

The dopest people awake in Montréal at 6:29am!

Our favourite thing about NP

Dora – The people!! The people who get up before the crack of dawn to workout with other pre-caffeinated people, regardless of the weather conditions. Their enthusiasm and commitment to giving the best high fives, their inclusiveness and positive vibes.
Truthfully, this NP community is made up of some of my favourite people, who always make NP Wednesdays the best mornings. And that feeling when you know that someone is genuinely happy you showed up (a feeling I get to experience every Wednesday morning)… the best!

Laurent – That’s an easy one! No matter how hard it was to wake up that morning, no matter how bad the weather was, I know that the rest of the day on Wednesday, you’ll get to feel absolutely awesome because it started with the dopest people awake in the city at 6:29am!
Second place would have to go to making doing push-ups and burpees somehow much more enjoyable than would expect them to be! It does make a difference when you aren’t alone and everyone is cheering each other through it all!

Great workouts! Great stretches!

Our favourite thing about being a co-leader

Dora – Well I guess I can’t really speak to this just yet, but I can’t wait to find out!
What I will say, is that I am super excited to make the commitment of showing up every Wednesday, for a community that has warmly welcomed me into this cold, dark city (that is no longer cold and no longer dark). I am excited to workout alongside new and existing friends, in all weather conditions. And most of all, I am excited to welcome other newcomers (to NP or Montreal alike) into this NP community!

Laurent – Like I mentioned in my favourite type of workouts, I like the generally silly-themed exercises and workouts, so planning those is one of my favourite things!
But obviously, November Project is so much more than just that! On the day to day, we don’t necessarily think about the bigger picture all that much, but the idea that Dora and I are helping to continue to grow this wonderful place that is NP where everyone is welcomed and where can be themselves because we are all here to support each other, not bring each other down is an absolutely wonderful feeling.

Everyone is truly welcomed! So next week, the one after, or whenever you finally decide to set your alarm on Tuesday night, #JustShowUp and we’ll make sure you have a wonderful time!

Coffee makes everything better (especially in great company)!
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