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Today we put a weight vest on the PR workout. What does that mean? Well, we took the PR Day workout you’ll all enjoy next week and made it even HARDER.

UGHHHH. Whyyyy? Efff… FUCK.

Just a few of the reactions we got. And I don’t blame everyone. We come to NPSD to get a little sweat, share some hugs, have very few laughs, and go home happy. But let’s not forget our roots.

Today we awarded the Positivity Award… To a hard-working tribe member who shows up every week with a work-hard mentality she brought from the Mecca of Boston. And it’s not accident that we award an oar handle – a throwback to the two co-founders of November Project, who were college Crew teammates.

If you don’t know a thing or two about Crew – you work fucking HARD. Let me speak from experience… You get out to the water by 4:30 or 5 AM in order to beat the wind and waves (you need still water conditions for safety). You and your crew need to carry your 60 ft, 200 lbs boat down to the water, strap in, and row for hours in unison to learn how to move as fast as possible (Olympic crews move up to 18 mph). At the end of practice, you carry that boat back up to the boathouse, wipe it down, and haul back to campus in order to make it to your first class.

The races? They’re fucking HARD too. An Olympic announcer during the 2008 Beijing Olympics reported that rowing a 2000m race in an 8-man boat is the physical equivalent of playing two straight back-to-back basketball games. The gold medal crew that year finished in 5 MINUTES and 23 SECONDS.

And November Project started with these two dudes wanting to bring that rigor back to their 30-something years, committing to each other to grinding out a hard workout every morning – rain, snow, or shine…. Which is why we start at 6:30, why we hold you accountable to your verbals, and why we make you work your fucking asses off.

Don’t misconstrue our point here. PLEASE, come for the hugs. Come for the laughs. Come to see your friends. And go home with a little bit of a brighter outlook on life.

But also come to work. Come to get fitter. Come to push yourself harder than you would by yourself or at any other workout. We tell you to “be happy” and “be bright.” But don’t forget that sandwiched right in the middle of it all is the call to “be strong.”

Just show up next week, San Diego. And Be STRONG.

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