Lucky 7’s (Ottawa)

The best thing about writing the blog is that we have a platform to share what happened this morning with you. But then, what’s even better is that you can share your morning with all those that you are connected to too. What continues to inspire us to want to wake up each Wednesday with a little more UMPH, simply put is you. We get it setting the alarm, rising out of bed, somehow making yourself look like a human #trollhair all before 6:29am is a feat. But then when you have those couple of minutes seconds in between hoistee-j’s or right after a burpee to look around and take a moment of gratitude well that might be the best part of the morning. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Wednesday’s could look a lot different. Maybe, they would have less spray paint, less bananas and buffs and just more coffee alone now who really wants that?

So try this or don’t try it, but consider taking a moment, aka no more than 20 seconds next Wednesday to look around you and take it all in. It’s easy to embrace the fresh air when you walk from your door step to your car or hop onto the bus. But that;s nice and all but truly there’s something special about it on Wednesday mornings. Watch how people are moving, how they are engaging and encouraging one another, how they are embracing the weather. Why this is a mighty 20 seconds out of a SOLID 31 minutes but my oh my it makes your heart feel all fuzzy and just as though it’s literally glowing.

If you wore green today, thank you for being a green-keen-bean. Those 7 minute face offs were one for the books challenging in their own unique fashion. The YEAH’s during the bounce were extra on Point and in unison. Some keeners showed up for their 2nd NPanniversary with cookies to boot, and some showed up a little under the weather to recover on the pavement, just to be around the smiles. Each face who showed up this morning is an important one, an appreciated one, a part of what makes this community so special.

Thanks for sharing your morning, energy and smiles with us.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Buffs are $5
  2. Next week- Parliament Hill
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