Spring has sprung, let’s have some fun! (YWG)

Winnipeg notes:

  • Last Friday at Awesome Hot Yoga: April 12th
  • Stay tuned: Friday mornings will be coming back to the Ledge– date TBD
  • Five bucks for a new buff
  • Spring has sprung

Can it be true? Is it really spring time?  It just so happens that spring isn’t just a myth in Winnipeg. It’s really happening and it’s happening right now. The sun is out longer, snow piles are slowly melting, paths and parking lots are visible again and new obstacles of crusty piles of clumped ice mixed with snow and rocks covered in a sleek sheet of wet have been created. But the weather is getting warmer – it’s so warm out that this morning I saw so many of you peel your layers off to cool down and Mel even peel her layers off down to her t-shirt.

The workout today, was an updated, bigger, better, harder version of the Quarter Miler workout we did a few weeks back. Now, it’s called Choose Your Own Adventure. It consisted of 15 exercises, and 15 time trial loops. We gave you freedom this morning to complete as much of the workout as you could in any order you wanted. We made it harder on purpose so that it would be tough and challenging and even then… some of you almost completed it! You all amaze me each and every week. Not only for crushing the workouts and being completely bad ass, but for always showing up in any weather conditions with smiles on your faces. YOU are what makes NP. We wouldn’t be so awesome if it wasn’t for you. Seriously though. Give yourself some credit because we couldn’t do it without you.

Bob passed Shabooya (and a tasty treat) over to a well deserving, committed, and always hardworking duo of Bruce and Carter. Bruce has been coming to November Project, for forever. You can always count on Bruce to show up, with his best friend, Carter (and I’m going to give Max some credit here too) with hi5s, hugs and big smiles! They are both so awesome and always welcoming to everyone and every dog that shows up. Bruce, Carter (and Max), we’re glad you’re here.

Bruce and Carter
(I am laughing at how many head tilts will come from this. Was this on purpose? or was it my lack technology skills? Either way, channel your inner Carter and wonder what it must be like on a daily basis for dogs and their continuous head tilting abilities)

Also, if you ever happen to snap a few, nice, good quality pictures during the workouts, feel free to send them to us! That being said, we still want you to be present, in the moment and giving it your best!

See you next weekfor Parkade PR! Same time, same place!

Dom ♥

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