This Morning Was Amazing. We worked hard, did all of the stairs and almost too many burpees to think straight…. so for those of you who didn’t write down all of today’s announcements (and for those of you who hit snooze one too many times) we want to make sure you don’t miss ANYTHING NPSD this week…


This year we’re going ‘Back to our Roots”.

The concept is simple: NP yearbook photos were originally started as a way for tribe members to get to know each other, and for us to promote World Takeover and spread the word of November Project. There wasn’t a theme or crazy costumes. Just a ton of smiles (or straight faces), some grassroots gear, and a person who generally knew how to click the trigger on a camera.

So, that’s what we’re doing in 2019: Going back to our roots. No theme to interpret or zany costumes to stress over, and once again we’ll have our very own Nick Isabella there with a camera (and a bunch of bright, fancy lights) who’s promised to make even the sweatiest of us look damn good for this yearbook album. So, bring your finest grassroots gear and your best face. If you don’t have anything tagged, bring a blank shirt and we can make you a fresh one.

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE this Wednesday, even if you haven’t been to NP in a hot minute. We still love you and need to make sure we don’t forget that pretty face.

WORLD RUNNING DAY at Milestone! Also Wednesday 6/5

Join us and our friends at Milestone Running Shop for their world running day celebrations! And! Look for more events between NPSD, Milestone and Brooks in the future. But for now… all you need to do is get all the info on their facebook page and #justshowup!

November Project Homework: KNOCKAROUND CONTEST!

Knockaround/November Project Instagram Contest?!?!? YES PLEASE. And while all of the details can be found on the blog. Here are some of the most important details:

  • Theme: Runaround
  • Dates: Now through June 21st
  • To enter the contest, post a photo to Instagram & tag @knockaround @novemberproject & use hashtag #NPKnocks.
  • RULES: You must be wearing a pair of Knockaround sunglasses. Bonus points for #GrassrootsGear.
  • PRIZE: Trip to November Project Summit in Las Vegas (flights & hotel)!!!! PLUS 52 pairs of knockarounds so you’ll have a fresh set of sunnies for every Wednesday at 6:29AM for the next year (And let’s be honest, who needs this more than someone from NPSD??)
  • Knockaround is San Diego company who has supported NPSD for years. Even if someone from NPSD doesn’t win… let’s BLAST this #NPKnocks hastag and give knockaround, NP and this contest the support it deserves. But also… someone please win. #NPSDBraggingRights

NPSD Feedback Form

Form will be open through the end of the week! Please take the ~10 min needed to complete the survey to let us know why you do (or don’t) decide to show up each week. NPSD is nothing without each and every one of you so we want to hear from you!


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