New to NP (BOS 6.3.19)

Here’s a fun story from this morning. It’s Monday, so our Boston community met up where we posted the workout for the day — City Hall Plaza next to the Gov’t Center T station. We had a solid crew of Boston regulars, as well as a couple of visitors from other NP cities (shoutout to NP_Richmond!) We even collected yet another retired NP co-leader, this time from NP_DC: Steve Christensen. And then there were a handful of folks who showed up to the Boston workout for the VERY FIRST TIME, even though all of them, said they’d been checking it out on social media for quite a while. A couple of them said they check where the Monday workout is every week, and have been for the last YEAR. But today was the day to give it a shot for the first time. Maybe it’s juuuust nice enough weather, likely the workout location was juuuust close enough to home to make it feel do-able, and something just hit the tipping point to make NP not only something they watch through social media but something they experience in real life.

These “newbies” are new to NP, but the reality is that Steve from DC is now new to NP too, even though he led that group for 5 years–he gets to experience it in a whole new way in a different city and in this new community. Visitors from other NP cities also get to be new to NP, because Boston is different from their city. And all of us, every week, ultimately get to experience NP as new–because we can choose to meet new people, try new things, and challenge ourselves in new ways. Even long time Boston NP’er, Nick Stamas, was in the city this morning and got to the workout–and he definitely realized (and said out loud), “I always forget how hard these workouts are!”

It’s good to be new to NP. So we hope those brand new folks keep showing up and all the rest of us keep showing up just like it’s our first time–excited and ready for an adventure!


YEARBOOK PHOTOS WILL BE ON JUNE 19TH AT THE STADIUM. Each year we take a whole album of individual “yearbook photos” that we post on our FB page, so that we all can tag ourselves in our photo and then everyone can scroll through and better put names to faces that we’re so familiar with. You know the feeling–“I know your face and see you more consistently than my family, but I don’t even know your name…” and you just don’t want to ask. Well, this will help. Be ready to show up, get your photo taken, and tag yourself in the album. June 19th 5:30 and 6:30am.

NP HOMEWORK & PHOTO CONTEST starting now until June 21. You can win a trip (flight & hotel) for NP Summit 7.0 in Las Vegas. ALL DETAILS in this blog.

NEXT MONDAY workout June 10 at 6:29am will be at Library Park, in Allston (behind the Library). Exact map, right HERE. #JustShowUp

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