NPSD: Your mission, if you choose to accept it.

If you joined us this morning, you likely made some new friends, got in a laugh or two, and worked your ASS off… You and everyone else.

We (co-leaders) often get credit for what we do. But today was another reminder that what we bring is only valuable if it’s matched by what you bring. Now, I don’t mean to discount the effort – co-leaders spend a part-time job’s worth of hours scouting locations, planning events, planning workouts, promoting, recruiting, and then finally showing up.

Yet all of that can fall flat. All it takes is 1% less enthusiasm from the tribe, 1% less effort, or just 1 too many people deciding they don’t care today. This morning was a reminder that, while we can throw silly ideas at you (like having a Mission: Impossible themed workout and making you crawl around like secret agents), that little extra hustle and that extra burst of effort can make or break a vibe.

At November Project San Diego, we’re trying to stay true to the work hard, play hard mentality of our workouts. And even when we decide that a particular Monday or Wednesday will be fun-in-games, those days can be the most memorable (and challenging) when you all decide to bring it.

So let’s keep playing make pretend. But your mission, if you choose to accept it: Bring the Vibes.

Be Bright, San Diego!


  • MONDAYS in April are at different locations around Mission Bay. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for exact locations.
  • BUFFS can be purchased at a workout for $5, cash or venmo.
  • Shira is single parenting while Eugene is gone from April 18-June 2. Be good.
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