Ah the sweet sound of a bounce dedicated to PR DAY. Ah why yes that was this morning. As the holidays begin to approach like black flies while camping deep in the woods we have some suggestions to make these times that much more memorable.

First of all, put down the Deet as you are not camping and it’s minus 5 out there. We live in Ottawa so one needs to make sure you dress appropriately for all outdoor winter activities. Outdoor winter activities you say, eh? Here are a couple we can suggest off hand: read more

NPHK Guest Blog By Philip Lo, NPHK Legend

People of my age realized that when we were young, by and large we earned our living at the expense of our health/ fitness: work, business travel and family pressure did not give one much free time.  When we were old enough to retire, we tried to buy a little health/ fitness. Furthermore, the fitness industry was quite sketchy 30/40 years ago with its service providers lacking in quantity and quality.  Therefore I signed up with a personal trainer in a local gym and began training in 2014, when I was 62.  That was probably one of the best investment in my life.  I thought that I was at my fittest in 30+ years – not that I was very fit now (and far from it), but that I was so unfit in my younger days. read more

Taking a Deeper Look (SD)

Today we take a moment to learn just a bit more about two people who chose to be members of our NPSD community. We all know life isn’t sunshine and rainbows everyday (even in San Diego) and these two both understand how life isn’t about being the best. It’s about how we persevere and just keep moving. read more

The Family I Never Knew I Had

Did somebody say Traverbal? What…? Is that even a word? Did I just vomit a word into that opening sentence? Maybe? It’s fine. It’s a word. It’s a word that describes one of the things I’ve learned to love to do. If Webster was to create a dictionary definition of the word it would sound like this. Traverbal: To do cool, fun, crazy, random shit that makes you sweat with other crazy, fun, random people all around the world. Often very early in the morning, when the regular people of the world are busy sleeping. Oh, and you bring a passport shirt, or blanket, or both. Maybe even a puppy sweater. A hat? Anything you want. Then you get it spray painted with the unique tag of that location, it’s kinda cool. Mine’s the best for sure (shout out Joel to tie-dyeing my shirt for me in LA). read more

NPSD: Your mission, if you choose to accept it.

November Project San Diego

At November Project San Diego, we're trying to stay true to the work hard, play hard mentality of our workouts. And even when we decide that a particular Monday or Wednesday will be fun-in-games, those days can be the most memorable (and challenging) when you all decide to bring it.

From Free Fitness, To Friends, To Family.

November Project San Diego

6.5 years. 2 home tribes. 10 traverbals. 1 positivity award. That’s the footnotes version of my November Project story. The long version is full of too many memories to even keep my own mother interested. So when I was asked to write a guest blog post I knew I'd have to find a way to keep at least some of you around until the end.

How do you measure impact?

November Project San Diego

Today, we hosted a final workout for two titans of NPSD, the city of San Diego, and November Project as a whole. Lauren and Angelo bid farewell to a city and a tribe that they had called home for many years to leave us for a colder, wetter, land-locked city north of the 56.

WTF am I doing?

Kelona November Project

It’s Wednesday. It’s 5:45am. My Alarm clock is belting “Forever Young” by Alphaville. It’s minus too much outside. It’s snowing. WTF am I doing? Every part of my body and most of my brain is saying to me that the time for morning burpees was in the Alphaville days. Its not 1984 anymore. I’m not a kid anymore. It’s time to hit snooze and stay in bed. But that was only most of my brain saying that… there is that tiny voice that starts with a whisper and slowly grows with each electronic pulse belting over the speak until I can no longer hear “go back to bed” and can only hear “JUST SHOW UP!!!”. This is November Project. read more

Jas-on more like Jas-GONE (DC)

Uh-oh. It’s 2019 and people are still breaking verbals. In case there’s any confusion, when you tell someone, and that “someone” happens to be Steve Christensen, that you’re going to be at November Project, you best make sure to be at November Project.

Jason, Jason, Jason. What happened, dude?! We understand, people are still trying to get into the groove of the new year, and it can be hard. But in case you haven’t heard, there’s a really good place where all your friends go for accountability (see: NPDC M/W/F workouts). read more

To Togo She Go Goes. Farewell, Christina! (DC)

Christina Stegura is a force of nature, though you might not know that just by looking at her. Sure, she’s tiny, but within that frame is a power and strength that we’ve been lucky to witness and workout with for the past four years. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Christina, know this: she is a selfless and dedicated human, a world traveler, an aspiring acrobat, a committed 5:25 crew member, and an accomplished cross-country cyclist! WHOA. We’re gonna miss all of these things, but we are going to miss your attitude, your spirit, and your willingness to show up, whenever and wherever it was needed.  read more