The 10th Anniversary Buff Design Contest

If you want to avoid all the backstory, just go straight to the contest entry details!

Nearly 10 years ago in November, two larger than life dudes challenged themselves to workout every morning for the entire month, starting their November Project. And the rest of this story is history.

Not long after, the great Nadim Chin of November Project Canada fame (and best friend to professional NHL player, Andrew Ference) took it upon himself to team up with local artist, Seanings, to create the first November Project Buff – a grassroots initiative to help support the NP values of just showing up and weatherproofness, increase awareness of the movement worldwide, and connect the community even deeper through a simple piece of gear that has developed a cult following over the years…

Instagram: @nadreamc

The coveted November Project Buffs have since been donned by individuals all over the world, flashing their NP pride on their heads, faces, around their necks, as skirts, as tube tops, even to warm their newborns and fur babies alike.

And over the years, we’ve partnered with community members to help us bring new designs and ideas to life – conveying our culture, values, and community connectedness over the years in many different colors and flavors.


As we approach our 9th Summit and 10th Year of Global Free Fitness, we wanted to do something a little special. AND WE’RE AIMING TO DELIVER THESE TO YOU ALL AT SUMMIT IN NOVEMBER!

We are calling on all of you, November Project community members worldwide, to submit your own designs and visions for the 10th Year Anniversary Buff for November Project!

What does that entail? It’s quite simple really…

Start with some kind of theme or vision – is it “community”? Is it “Just Show Up”? What does November Project mean to you, and how does your theme reflect the positive impact November Project has had on you and your community?

Then design/draw it! No, you do not need to be a professional artist. Nor do you need to be a graphic designer with illustrator skills. It can be a line drawing on a piece of paper, a sketch, something out of a coloring book… We are working on getting designers on standby to bring your concept to life, should you be selected as one of our finalists! You just need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your concept must be designed for the dimensions 25cm x 50cm (9.8″ x 19.7″).
    • Pro Tip: Take a look at some past designs where the design is either continuous or repeatable – this helps you see most of the design, even if it’s bunched up or folded over!
  • Up to a maximum two-color design – this includes white (the absence of color), so you can do blue, pink, and white; just blue and pink; just white and blue. But you cannot do blue, pink, and gold.
    • Keep the design simple – you’ll be limited with depth and shading, but get creative so long as it adheres to the 2-color max!
  • Include the November Project logo somewhere – duh.
  • You can submit as many designs as you’d like. These designs will be posted anonymously to ensure maximum objectivity during the voting period.


Before you begin, here is a Drive Folder with design assets where you can download November Project logos as well as a design template (.psd) for those who are graphic designers.

Then when you’re ready, fill out this form to submit your formal entry!

Here is the rough schedule of the contest:

  • Sept 6 – Launch contest.
  • Sept 25 – All submission due. 3 weeks to concept/design.
  • Sept 26-Oct 2 – First round community-wide voting. 
  • Oct 3-9 – Design brush ups (for those finalists whose files are not print ready, a designer will help you bring it to life this week!).
  • Oct 10-Oct 16 – Final round voting.
  • Week of Oct 17 – Victor announced.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Eugene at We’re all looking forward to seeing what this community comes up with for our momentous 10th Year Anniversary Buff design!

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