Wet Wednesday Before Marathon Monday (BOS 4.10.19)

We’re all pretty ready for spring. We want it to be warm enough to not wear layers AND gloves just to run stairs in the stadium. We want to linger on those warm concrete steps after the workout, enjoying the bright sun…rather than still scurrying away to our run, bike, or cars to get home and dry and warm. We want it. But it’s not quite here yet. Today was yet another perfect Boston “spring” morning, where we were reminded that it’s not yet warm but we can tell it’s not winter anymore. Where the rain that inconsistently spit on us throughout the whole morning was like a little bird flip from mother nature, but not a full-on, out-loud “F You” from her. And where if you dared to linger, you could do it without completely freezing but you got really really cold.

What better way to build into the HYPE HYPE HYPE of Marathon week??? Because we’re going to have what seems to be the most beautiful weather building up to Monday–Incredible for watching the 5k on Saturday, going to all the fun events at the marathon expo, meeting up with friends and family in town for the big race, and enjoying the very best of Boston. JUST in time for the weather to maybe turn and maybe pour down rain all day Monday, slightly just like it did last year, except maybe maybe being just a little warmer and possibly less hurricane-like. Who knows what it will be–but if this morning’s Shit Show of a weather showing and theme of the workout is any indicator, Marathon Monday will be a day of awesomeness, no matter what.

Speaking of Shit Show, the newest stadium workout is called such because of the fun, confusion, and multi-directionality of the workout. Everyone starts as usual, traveling from section 37 toward 1. But when the word is called (each workout had a different work, not announced ahead of time), then everyone starts traveling back in the direction from which they came. And again, each time the word is called out, you change direction–eventually having no idea which way you’re going and for sure not knowing how many sections you actually complete. Total shit show, in the very best way. But a good reminder to everyone to just keep showing up because–just like Boston weather in the spring–you never know what you’re going to get.

marathon week events & activities

FRIDAY 4/12 @ 6:29am: #PRhills because it’s the 2nd Friday of the month. AND everyone who’s flooding into town to race in the marathon will be showing up to Summit Ave. for hills. So many amazing humans from other NP tribes will be in Boston and while they’re trying to ease their nerves and get a couple last shake-out runs in before the big day, they’ll come run some easy hills, or walk and soak up all the incredible pre-marathon vibes that our city has to offer. Come ready to race, ready to cheer, ready to be amazing, and hype hype hype for the weekend and the marathon.

SATURDAY 4/14 — it’s a big day and lots of things. Check it out…

@ 8am: the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) is hosting the 5k from Boston Common through the back bay and down Boylston St. through the finish line of the marathon, back to the Common. There will be lots of NP runners racing in the 5k–both those who will be racing the marathon on Monday too, and others who are taking part in the running festivities in the city. You don’t have to be running that race to JUST SHOW UP and cheer on NP runners and everyone else who dares to take on the BAA 5k. It’s like a fun way to take part in and give back to the city that we love so much. Wear some NP Grassroots Gear. Or wear a great costume. Make a funny sign to motivate the runners. Or just be loud and almost obnoxious but be really fun and supportive of every single person on the course. It’s an incredible experience and worth it to show up.

@ 10am: At the Boston Marathon Expo. Room 200, Second Floor, Hynes Convention Center. NP_BOS co-leader Emily Saul speaks on a panel with Cara Gilman and Amanda Nurse on: “Mental toughness for Monday and beyond – three talented athletes share their tips.”

@ 6:30pm: An awesome event is happening at the Janji HQ in Somerville, co-hosted by Jaybird, Janji, and Like the Wind. Check out all the details of the event HERE, and if you’re really interested in going–and one of the earliest to sign up, you can get one of the limited number of tickets for the event using this promo code: LTWFREEBIE


@ 6:29am: NP #destinationdeck workout. This is our “normal” Monday workout, held right near Cleveland Circle. (We know the park we usually use is totally under construction. We’ll be meeting across the street at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at this meetup spot.) #JustShowUp. Bring your friends, your family, and everyone you know–since the city is basically shut down and no one has to work, this is the best day to show up. The only people with a valid excuse for not being at the workout will be on their way to the starting line in Hopkinton to run the darn marathon.

@ ANY time after the workout until the last runners go by: MILE 18.

HYDRATION STATION: Be at mile 18 for everything awesome about November Project by volunteering or spectating like the positivity-radiating kindness-spreading humans we all are. Tons and tons of NP-ers are volunteering at the mile 18 Hydration Station, and we couldn’t be prouder of the intense and awesome vibe that the volunteers there put out year after year.

CHEER STATION: Everyone, I mean everyone who isn’t a volunteer at the Hydration Station, should #justshowup to the CHEER STATION at mile 18. It’s in Newton (see the map photo above). If you’re not sure where to go–post about it in NP Boston Social (FB group) and link up with other people who are going. It will be like a party to play in all day long as we HYPE the hell out of the runners who are juuuuuust about to hit the wall. It’s no joke–people from around the world know to “stay left at mile 18” because November Project will turn your life around right there. Yelling, screaming, dancing, cheering, bell-ringing, drum-pounding, fist-pumping…and more. It’ll all be happening. So when someone asks you, “what are you doing for the marathon?” You tell them, “WE are going to the cheer station at mile 18.” And then #JustShowUp. You won’t regret it. It’ll be as epic as epic can be. And we’ll all go home that day feeling so grateful for how much better we made every single runner’s experience running the legendary, world-class, race-of-a-lifetime: the Boston Marathon.

There’s plenty to be involved in…so get involved, get hyped, join in, group up, have fun, and never stop! See you all week long having all the fun!


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