Today’s Tagline is… (YEG)

The tagline for this morning’s workout is: Scalability. When the workout calls for ‘users choice’ I feel it best emulates our community. It’s diverse, fun, goofy, and scalable. You make it as hard as you want to make it. Someone who has never come to a workout before can do it and if you are looking for a challenge you can go faster or add an extra challenge (like strapping a baby to yourself). This concept of scalability is why I think this group has lasted as long as it has. Fundamentally we will always be out there working out and its up to you show yourself how hard you’re willing to push. Are you willing to take that extra step, one last pushup, are willing to get close to your limit? Your drive and determination is seen, we see you. It inspires us all.

As summer comes faster and faster think carefully about that scaling. Build up to your goals, listen to your body, and focus on recovery. Consistency is everything.

Thank you for showing up today. If you’re reading this and haven’t been to a workout in a while – come on out. There is no more snow on your back when you try and do a sit up. Your fingers aren’t freezing mid-way through.  The fair weather is back.

Anyone else catch the amazing pink sky today? So cool

Keep being awesome,




Friday – Walterdale hill

Cylindrical shapes made of fabric are for sale – 5$

Blood Drive (check out the social page on facebook for details – lots of us are heading down on April 27 to the clinic by the UofA)


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