Squad goals (ORL)

The depths of the SNL sketches is where I found my inspiration for this morning’s bounce. And, a dynamite bounce it was. I love that, with this early morning group of friends, I’m able to bust out my inner cheerleader every now and then. What better time to try and squeeze my late 30s self in to that red, white, and blue NCA uniform one more time, than in the days after the collegiate Cheerleading National Championships.

I wanted to share my love of the sport with my tribe and, in doing so found out that I had some fellow former cheerleaders in the group. Lara was happy to relive her glory days and Brenna proved that she could have been a fantastic flyer(those liberty step-ups were on point!), even though she didn’t make the cut in high school-I’m sure the gymnastics team was happy to have the budding young athlete instead. Jennalee had great form in her tuck jumps, carrying over from her NDA dance days, I’m sure. And Todd, well, I’m sure he was a much better football player-even though I did see him and Cameron throwing some pretty explosive basket tosses together. We were happy to see some faces that we hadn’t in a while, and make some new friends. It was clear that everyone was putting in some serious effort as the two teams we had formed, were separated by only one point in how many rounds they completed. The squad showed they were full of spirit when they said ‘Bring It On’ to BG’s request to see 10 burpees: 5 with perfect form and 5 as fast as perfectly possible. Unfortunately, it turns out we have a little work to do as the man himself was not satisfied. I’m happy to report that I don’t mind at all adding a few more burpees into the weekly workout. We hope you all feel like a part of the squad, because this shit is good.




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