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Winter Clothing Drive with Kelley O’Hara

It’s not every day that a World Cup champion / Olympic gold medalist / professional soccer player slides into your DMs, but when Kelley O’Hara reached out to us a couple weeks ago, Maria, Jake and I were shaking with excitement (okay, I won’t speak for them, but this former soccer player and USWNT stan was celebrating full on Brandi Chastain style in her office). 

Besides being a phenomenal athlete, kind human, and all around badass, Kelley is passionate about giving back to the community. As we get into these colder months, there are many people in need of gear to stay warm, so she wanted to do a winter clothing drive to help people in DC prepare for the weather. 

We chose Thrive DC as the recipient of our donations. Thrive DC does incredible work to support the homeless in DC, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to the already amazing work they’re doing. 

Here are the details:

On Wednesday, December 11 at the Lincoln Memorial we’ll be collecting new and used winter gear at both the 5:30am and 6:20am workouts. What can you bring? Here are the items Thrive DC is looking for (and these things only):

  • Coats 
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves & mittens
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping Bags

Again, these items can be used! No need to go out and buy something new unless you want to.

Kelley will be participating in the 6:20am workout. Even though it’s her offseason, fear not, we’re gonna make her work (if you’re a 5:30 regular, maybe stick around for a bit!).

When we met with her earlier this week to hash out details, we were prepared to give her the November Project origin story, as one does when you’re trying to explain this crazy, beautiful community. But you guys, SHE ALREADY KNEW IT. The moment she said “it all started with a bet between two rowers from Boston,” I nearly keeled over, because it was clear she already was well aware of November Project, and that’s why she chose us to reach out to.

We’re jazzed for this opportunity and feel this is a reflection of the strength of the worldwide November Project community. You never know who could be impacted or moved by what we do. 


<3 ECY

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