What does PR Day mean to you? (VB)

It seems like a lame question, but I am asking you to dig down a little deeper. Humor me for a few minutes. Yes, PR stands for Personal Record, and on this last Wednesday of every month, we collectively try to do our very best at a certain workout. Many people loathe the day, while others can’t wait to throw down. Sure, there are probably many of you that fall in the middle and could take it our leave it. But you have to agree that you all love that fresh new tag! read more



Now that it is getting warmer and the sun is shining just a little earlier, it is the perfect time to recruit everyone and show the 757 just how amazing November Project VB is. Starting tomorrow, May 2nd, we are challenging you to a friendly competition of WHO IS THE RECRUITING MVP. The winner with the most newbie recruitment points will win some sweet swag from our friends at The North Face.


Level 1: The people you have been trying to get to #justshowup forever, they may have even come once before, but you really can’t even remember because it has been so long.

  • Friends 1 point
  • Family Member 1 point
  • Coworker 1 point
  • Bring back a long-lost tribe member 1 point (must have been gone 1mo or more)

Level 2: These are the people that you must work a little harder for to get to the workout.

  • Any Random Stranger 2 points
  • A passerby during a workout 2 points
  • Recruit via recruiting papers 2 points (See a co-leader to get some)

Bonus Points: Extra special circumstances will get you some extra special points!

  • Your newbie recruit comes back for any subsequent workouts 1 point per workout
  • Your recruit brings a recruit to the next workout 3 points
  • You & your recruit wear a beret to the workout in honor of “All May Beret” 5 points
  • You recruit someone with some pull at a local stadium/venue 10 points
  • You & your recruit signup for a ECS Race at Summit 6.0 in Sept. 15 points
  • read more

    Be AAAmazing VB

    The sun is rising earlier, and the temps are getting warmer. We are starting to see the winter hibernation end and many of our long-lost tribe members returning to the top of our favorite trash hill.  

    In an effort to expedite the beach body process, this morning we dropped an A.A.A.mazing workout! Abs, Arms, and of course Asses were all on the morning menu.  Offering an a-la-carte option of pick your poison for each A.A.A. body area, seemedto make the masses happy.  We all got a little muddy, and our shoes and backsides were covered in goose shit, but you better believe that we will be looking hot come Memorial Day. read more