Let me be Frank…..

PR day is definitely one of my favourites. I love seeing people at the start line. Nervous about lining up, giddy to have the flag go down, coming out hard and trying their best to hold on.
It’s a bit animalistic and I LOVE IT!!!

There are some people who don’t love it though. Whether they will ever be the fastest, or the most efficient burpee, or last the longest.

Whether you are type A or type 1 I think what I am trying to say is you’re here, we love that you are, it wouldn’t be the same without you, and we see you. It’s not always easy to point that out, maybe even harder on PR day but its true.

The first time I met Frank I can say he definitely made me feel like I was always here. Any person who shows up can probably attest to that. He makes sure he knows who you are, one or two reasons why you’re here, and how to make you stay. Each person in the morning gets a fairly personalized hug from the giant bear man and some get more. Like all the donations brought for our various clothing/food drives, or hosted you on his boat. He loves being around people and we’re just lucky enough to have him here. Frank has embodied the spirit of “come as you are” and we’re glad we could have him carry the positivity award to show it.

“It always makes my day and my week doing November Project, thanks guys! I used to work at home for myself as a draftsman and this has been a huge help for me socially. I may be starting a new job soon but every chance I get I’ll be with you. Everyone is so supportive no matter what level you’re at and that’s what we need most. It ain’t easy getting out there but it’s so worth it. It’s tougher not going I find! Love you guys! XOXOXO”

We feel the same way Frank.

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