Dear Mental Illness

Happy mental health awareness month! Has anything ever been more ironic than celebrating mental health during a pandemic? 

As mental health awareness and May come to an end, I wanted to talk about my experience around mental health and community. Specifically, this community.  

This is what mental health awareness month means to me, take it with a grain of salt because everyone’s experience will be different. Also, this feels like a good place to put a trigger warning for severe depression/mental illnesses. If you’re not in a place where you feel strong enough to read about another person struggling, that’s totally chill. Move along, this will be here when you’re feeling better. <3  read more

Let me be Frank…..

PR day is definitely one of my favourites. I love seeing people at the start line. Nervous about lining up, giddy to have the flag go down, coming out hard and trying their best to hold on.
It’s a bit animalistic and I LOVE IT!!!

There are some people who don’t love it though. Whether they will ever be the fastest, or the most efficient burpee, or last the longest. read more