Holiday Cheer!

Sleigh all day!

Winnipeg Notes
– Crazy Carpets FTW
– Sign up for The Great Skate
– Running Day tomorrow, December 26th
– Friday business as normal 6:14am at The Leg, stay tuned for the guest co-leader
– New Years Day workout 6:59am at The Forks
– Shabooyah to Tricky Marina

This morning was so fun. It was wonderful seeing so many people still show up for each other on a Wednesday morning when we could all have stayed snuggled in bed for a sleep in. Thanks for making my day! Everyone worked hard on the bridge, I will forever admire how Andrew and Jessica can lunge across, in perfect synchrony, 50 feet ahead of everyone else. Geeze. Next up, the Reindeer Run and North Pole/South Pole made us all work hard but like all good things in life, work hard, play hard. Shout out to Willie Mac for the wild idea of showing up with ten crazy carpets to make this morning unforgettable. I just wonder if we will ever see the day where Scott doesn’t cheat and false start a race. Watching everyone try and fit 4 people on one crazy carpet was peak entertainment. Thank you.

Which technique is best?

Last week Derek guest wrote a Blog about an event that he has been working super hard on with The Dream Factory, The Great Skate. If you haven’t yet, read the blog here The event now has an official website click the link to create yourself a profile and raise some donations and to find the registration link for the race! It’s going to be a great event!

The Great Skate 2018

Tomorrow is Running Day, some of you may have it confused with Boxing Day as it is December 26th but if you have ever met Junel you know that Running Day is where it’s at. Junel will be attempting to run 100km to support Siloam Mission. In years passed he has run through a blizzard or -45 temperatures. Tomorrow is looking balmy in comparison. Here is his schedule : Start running at 4am Thursday December 26th from covered skate rink at the Forks. Continue running until 6:30pm. Run to Siloam Mission to drop off collected donations by 7:00pm . Run back to the Forks.
Feel free to #justshowup and join Junel for a lap or two, or to just drop off donations, or to cheer the runners! Our friends at Badass Lady Gang WPG will be meeting at 3:15 to run with Junel if you would like to join them.
Here is a link to Siloam’s website and Junel’s donation page.

Junel’s famous loop and pose for Running Day, Dec 26th.

This week Oliver passed off the Shabooyah to a very special and deserving NP member, Tricky Marina. Marina is constantly going above and beyond to help others, volunteer her time and be an active member in the running/fitness community in Winnipeg. Honestly I don’t even know if she sleeps. Never mind working full-time, she teaches spin classes multiple times a week, shows up to multiple run clubs, is involved with different organizations, such as Motionball and the list does not end. Marina, we are all super glad you’re here. If you want to know why she’s Tricky, just play cards with her. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Now if that doesn’t sum up NP in a photo, I don’t know what does.

We have one last NP workout for 2019, meet at The Leg at 6:14 am. EVERYONE COME LOOK AT HOW PRETTY THE LIGHTS ARE, THEY EVEN ADDED MORE! Our Guest Co-leader will be announced on social media tomorrow! Next Wednesday is New Years Day, we will be starting our workout at 6:59am at The Forks.

My gift to you, this picture of Willie Mac at coffee this morning.

That’s it, that’s all. Enjoy the day with your loved ones.

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