On Wednesdays we: Just Show Up, On Fridays we: Just Show up, For our community: Just Show Up.

Winnipeg Notes:
– Great Skate Weekend Schedule
– Positivity Award to Dan
– Just Show Up

The start of The Great Skate 2019

The Great Skate is officially upon us!
Here is the list of events for the weekend:
– Friday 6:14 am, Pop Up workout with Guest Co-leader at The Forks, bring $5 for this years November Project Buff. Reach out to someone you would like to see at the workout Friday morning!
– Friday 5:00pm there will be a crew heading to The Snowmaze, feel free to meet us there!
– Friday 7:30pm Bon Fire at the Page Residence, 529 Chrypko Drive. Park on the street so you don’t get stuck in the driveway! Feel free to bring someone you would like to introduce to the NP world.
– Saturday 8:45am Coffee Shakeout Fun Run “secret scramble” at Fête Ice Cream and Coffee, located at 300 Assiniboine Ave, Parking is limited. I would suggest parking at The Forks and jogging over.
– Sunday 7:00am Bib Pick opens for The Great Skate. Make sure to give yourself enough time to pick up your bib, put your skates on and skate over to the start area.
– Sunday 7:50am Race Meeting in front of the CN Stage and Winnipeg Sign.
– Sunday 8:00am Race Start; there will be games happening on the rink at the same time, DO NOT LEAVE THE RINK UNTIL YOU HAVE RACED!
– Sunday 9:00am Special Practice on the rink with The Dream Factory
– Sunday 9:30am medal and prize ceremony starts in the South Hall inside The Commons area.
– Sunday 9:45am Brunch!

Race Ready

It will be a weekend for the books, come out to some events or come to them all! Either way, we will be happy to see you! If you aren’t signed up to race or to volunteer, feel free to come and cheer. The weather is looking balmy so let’s embrace it while we can!

This week the Positivity Award was handed to Dan. Dan has been continually coming to November Project for a solid nine months now. If you have had the pleasure of running and chatting with Dan during a workout you’ll agree with me when I say he is one of the easiest people to chat with. He always has something encouraging or positive to say and seems to have a knack of asking unique questions to keep a convo going. Dan has a big heart and exudes warmth to those surrounding him. Dan we are so glad you are here.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. It’s an initiative to build awareness and raise funds for mental health. I would like to attempt to tie it in with our Bounce this morning. Just Show Up. Thank you to everyone who continues to Just Show Up week in and week out. No one has any type of idea where anyone else is coming from in a particular week and there is so much beauty in that thought. This community will be one you can always just show up to, as you are. There is no right or wrong way to just show up. On days you may need a lift, we are here. On days you are feeling great, your presence is helping lift up others in the group. Strangers, family and friends coming together to workout and play outside has built a unique, strong, phenomenal community. So thank you for showing up for each other, for yourselves and for us!

That’s it, that’s all. See you all Friday at The Forks!


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  1. Beautiful words, Yvette. Thanks for your leadership and kindness and for creating such a safe and supportive space for everyone who shows up. ❤️

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