January #PRday (BOS)

It’s official. New PRs for everyone in 2020. All you need to do is show up and race on the last Wednesday of the month, and you’re pretty damn likely to PR. And those Personal Records really mean something–they matter–when it comes to the journey of developing fitness.

Here’s how it tends to work: when you believe that you can make progress, like get faster or go farther, you feel way more motivated to keep working at the day-to-day, week-to-week effort of training, pushing through challenge, and getting fitness shit done. The more motivated you are, the more consistently you show up and work hard, and then the more likely you are to see results from a day like PRday, which amplifies your motivation to keep the whole cycle going.

Now, you’re not necessarily going to get better every single PR day. Progress is not perfectly linear. But overall progress is visible and possible when you stick with it consistently.

And there really are a whole bunch of people at NP who set a PR at some point in their fitness journey…and then there was another training goal (like focusing on training for a big race or something), or an injury, or life that drew them away from consistently showing up…and they discovered they weren’t able to maintain that height of speed or stadium achievement. And then something critical happens to lots of people: the belief that they could ever “get back there” or be that fast again begins to disappear.

This is the foundation of our 2020 clean slate of PRs. You can go ahead and remember that old PR. Value it. Appreciate it. Love the shit out of it. And sure, keep that in mind as a point of motivation–but absolutely don’t keep it in mind as a way of diminishing what you DO accomplish each and every week, or to lessen what you achieve on the PR day of today, this year, now. You are not living in the past, and true development and growth is all about being YOUR BEST right now, with all the circumstances around you in this moment. It’s not necessarily about being one step better than you’ve eeeeever been, because that’s actually not a realistic goal for anyone. For any human. For any athlete. For anyone.

So today, January 2020, we all raced PR day, to set our fastest personal record for the year. And whatever that is, let it motivate you to train all month until next PR day. And let the possibility of being slightly faster, or to go farther, or to feel stronger or more confident next month be the driver behind showing up every week, showing up to work hard, showing up for each other, and freaking showing up for yourself as consistently as you possibly can between now and next PR day. The past is the past…and all that hindsight is important right now. But let’s show up to live right now. RIGHT. NOW. We can’t live back there and we can’t promise anything about the future. But if we live every day like it’s the most important thing, we just might surprise ourselves with what we can do, and how good it can feel to experience growth, development, and progress. It’s all there for us.

Let’s get it. New PRs for everyone. We’re not just giving them out. Come get yours.


BUFFS ARE IN. Come to a workout and get them. Our friend Joev is managing the distribution of the buffs, so be sure to show up and get your (pre-ordered and prepaid) buffs from Joev.

MONDAYS IN FEBRUARY. Every Monday in February will be held at the Esplanade–so show up for Mon 2/3 at 6:29am at the Arthur Fiedler Statue on the Esplanade. We are partnering with the Esplanade Association for the FROST FIT workouts for all of Feb. We’re showing Boston how much fun we can have doing fitness for free in the outdoors in the winter. Come be a part of this!

NEXT WOahMAN in the Winter Series will be on Feb 14th, at 5am, before the regular 6:29am workout. Start and finish, and regular workout, is at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline.

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